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Japanese culture has been invading the world in swift motion for the past decades.  Some are certain why and others can only guess.  Most likely if you have fallen deeply in love with anime, you'd be head over heels with their reels also.

The Japanese Film Festival 2013 is one of the largest annual film festival in Singapore.  It will run from the 26th of June up until the 8th of July from two of the appointed screening venues: 

Alliance Francaise

1 Sarkies Road

Singapore 258130


National Museum of Singapore

Gallery Theatre

93 Stamford Road 

Singapore 178897 

I know a lot of you guise are wondering what's in store for everybody? Well, various movies of various genre from various decades will be shown.  The organizers made sure that the variations will not only cater to people of different ages and different tastes but also to encourage people to appreciate more movies, genres and culture than the usual ones they are comfortable with (huhum.... *guilt seeping in).  And if you are not convinced enough still, here are some of the interesting stuffs they are putting on the silver screen:
GFP BUNNY (2012)

In 2005 Japan was shocked by the real-life case of a teenager’s attempt to poison her mother with thallium, and while the film dabbles around the edge replicating this story, the director uses this as a jumping off point to look at other interests of the girl (impressively played by Yuka Kuramochi), who is bullied at school, and who starts to see herself as a specimen in her own science experiments.
The girl observes and dissects various creatures and uploads images on her video diary. Through the Internet she learns about the latest technology in genetic engineering as well as ‘bio art’. Her mother (Makiko Watanabe) is obsessed with anti-aging remedies, but her daughter heads off to look for the difference between cosmetic surgery and genetic manipulation.
Her journey – which implicitly dwells on alienation in contemporary Japanese society – is set alongside interviews with various people who offer insight on parallel issues…they include a biologist who created a transparent frog and an artist who implants a chip with GPS into the palm of their hand.
GFP Bunny is an intriguing made film, deliberately provocative and full of striking images and challenging concepts. Yuka Kuramochi is striking as the girl who heads off on the oddest of journeys, while Takahashi – a body modification artist - makes a stunning impact towards the end of the film, especially when the pair head off into the night on a brightly lit scooter.

See You Tomorrow, Everyone

See You Tomorrow, Everyone (2013)
Minasang, Sayonara

After Satoru Watarai graduated from elementary school, he dropped out of school and decided to live within his apartment complex, never to venture outside. Satoru Watari then meets his old friends as they are coming back from their middle school classes. Satoru has now gotten a job at a cake shop within the apartment complex and eventually gets engaged to one of his friends. Satoru, still lives within the apartment complex only, but, as time passes, more of his friends leave ..



The Man Who Stole the Sun (1979) Taiyô wo nusunda otoko (original title)

A misfit high-school science teacher decides to build his own atomic bomb. He steals isotopes from a nuclear reactor and manages to create two warheads, but at the same time is present at a botched school-bus hijacking and is publicly coronated as a hero. Nevertheless, he uses the bombs to extort the police, first by demanding that baseball games be shown without commercial interruptions and then by having the Rolling Stones play in Japan despite their drug bust. Soon it's a race to see what wins first: the determined cop who's after him, the bomb he's carrying, or a burgeoning case of radiation poisoning.

Still having doubts, eh? These are just some of the awesome movies they will be showing... and the rest, just to make sure they have everything on the schedule board. As for tickets, they've been selling them since the 22nd of June, so try your luck on some of the movies you might want to catch.

ADVICE FOR THE BROKE (this will just never go out of style)

The festival gives out free tickets on a first come first serve basis.  Two tickets per person on the same day of the screening session.
Collection dates for the free tickets will be on June 29 & 30 and July 6 & 7 starting 10am at the Festival Desk at the Gallery Theatre.

Unfortunately, you have to eat the pop corns outside of the cinema. :( ughhhh....

To be honest, I've been eye-ing this festival for a long time but since I am having the lousiest work schedule of all... I am hoping to catch at least one screening day *fingers crossed forever*  if I can or else I will have to wait for another year to finally witness the films.

For more details, you eagerheads visit the official website for Japanese Film Festival 2013

Written by SM

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