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How To Keep A Mummy

Hello readers! We are just a few days away from March, and I must say that I have long given up thinking about what would lie ahead since the mind needs to be constantly conditioned to be able to process and digest, to the point where there isn't really much space left for other stuff to come in. An old classmate on Facebook has indicated an interest in attending Anime Festival Asia 2016, and I'm like...okay, isn't that stretching things a little too far? Or maybe I'm just a snail in denial or something. Anyway, the weather is acting up crazily again. Do replenish those fluids and keep cool. Yesterday, it had rained pretty much the entire day but I was still perspiring from the invisible sun. Right now, the fan at home is at full blast. Let's see just how effective that is.

Would anybody fancy the idea of keeping a mummy for a pet? Yeah, the one with an entire hospital's supply of bandages wrapped around its body. Well, before anybody flees off in fear of being cursed, this particular mummy is so sinfully adorable that there is no way to push it out of the mind. Meet Mi-kun, the palm-sized mummy which has become an important presence in the house and life of Kashiwagi Sora, a high-school student whose father is a self-proclaimed adventurer frequently absent in his son's life. However, Sora's father extremely dotes on him, and in the beginning a really huge, odd-shaped package arrives at Sora's doorstep. Upon opening it, Sora discovers a coffin and a thick letter that is filled with mushiness.

Until Mi-kun's timely arrival, Sora was supposedly rather immune to his father's weird antics since he would often receive strange presents from his father's adventures, from a sinister-looking doll to a killer scarecrow. Well, not quite so after what the father had mentioned in his letter that he hopes Sora and the mummy will get along nicely like a family. As if on cue, the coffin begins to tremble eerily, causing Sora to grab some household item in self-defence. The mummy soon slides out of that coffin, having exhausted all its might just from pushing the lid. Yeah, the mummy is so tiny! As the sight is totally different from what Sora had expected, he becomes even more fearful.

It turns out that the mummy is virtually harmless and like an actual pet. An apprehensive Sora is just as confused if not more so over the peculiar figure which is alarmingly emotional and would tear up almost every few seconds. After a failed attempt to roll it back to Egypt, Sora decides to temporarily let the mummy move about and help with a little housework. Naturally, that quickly becomes out of the question as the mummy nearly drowns inside a pot full of undone dishes and dishwashing liquid. Following that, it clings onto Sora tightly while the latter becomes even more baffled with the situation. After much scuffle along the way, Sora tries to calm the mummy down by calling it Mi-kun. Mi-kun takes that gesture as a permission to stay with Sora.

How To Keep A Mummy is created by Utsugi Kakeru, and the first tankoubon was released just recently on 12th of February. The front cover art is simply irresistible! Mi-kun looks so adorable and loving next to Sora. I'm glad that I bought this. The concept is certainly refreshing, and the illustration style has enticed me to check the manga out even more! The bond between Sora and Mi-kun gradually becomes inseparable. Reading their stories has definitely made me wish for a pet mummy as well! I have never had a pet before, unless a Tamagotchi still counts as one. Anyway, I recommend How To Keep A Mummy to anybody who has always wanted a pet in their lives.

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪

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