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Tears of Themis

Heyheyhey my little nuggets! Today I bring you a somewhat newly released game I've been completely obsessed with: Tears of Themis! 

I actually came across Tears of Themis (ToT) for pre-reg during an ad on another of my games and man, the art? Exquisite. A bit of googling reveals that my favorite Japanese VA is the voice of the character I was most drawn to, so how could I not sign up?? 

So starts my life in ToT. Personally, I think the plot is quite interesting. In essence, MC is a lawyer alongside one of the main four love interests, and is ultimately recruited into their group (NXX) where they solve various cases and investigate an abnormal surge in mental health cases.

The complete storyline has not been fully released yet, so there are periodic updates, which I think keeps things interesting. 

There are four love interests~

Luke, the childhood friend who went off to study and is now a PI who feels like a spy. 

Artem, your superior and the youngest senior attorney ever, who is incredibly bad at expressing his emotions. 

Marius, heir of just the largest corporation ever, who has a reputation as a playboy but is really a sensitive artist at heart. 

Last but not least we have Vyn, the top psychiatrist who I believe is meant to have an elegant and calming vibe but really just kind of gives me the creeps. 

my first and only ssr!!!

marius summer sr

I was obsessing over Artem in the beginning, because, firstly, Suwabe Junichi?? Chef's kiss. Secondly? His aesthetic is impeccable. I got his SSR as the guaranteed, yay! But now, after progressing through the story and interacting with the rest of the love interests.. Marius' personality is growing on me. I also have the most of his cards, so I guess that's fate. 

Gameplay wise, I think it's pretty simple. You would collect cards of the main love interests, with rarity ranking SSR, SR, and R. Each card will have an attribute assigned to it, Logic (Blue), Empathy (Red), and Intuition (Green). 

It's a gacha system, but there is a guaranteed SR usually within ten pulls of each banner. So far we've had three banners, and a permanent one. The current event banner is summer themed and IT IS SO CUTE. 

weekly stage! so cute~~

There are skills to be leveled up for each card, and evolving a card nets you a new piece of artwork. There are also daily stages for in game money and exp chips, along with weekly stages for gems that can be used for gacha. 

NXX Headquarters is unlocked after chapter 04-02, and there are helpful resources you can gather, like exp chips and items for card skill leveling. Increasing the level of the NXX Headquarters also provides additional stat gains across all cards. 

There are different types of game mechanics as well, Debate is more "fight" based with your cards, 

Questioning, which is something like an interrogation, asking a character certain questions till you find key evidence. 

Clue Analysis displays an item in 3D that you can rotate and revolve and click on different parts of it to unlock clues.

Inspection presents you with a character, where you can click on certain suspicious parts of them like a burn mark or stain to look for clues. 

Investigation will put you in a room, where you can click on different items to unlock clues and search for evidence. 

Trials are usually held at the end of each story chapter, and MC will present all evidence and attempt to win the case for the client. 

I think the variety of mechanics keep the game interesting, and I find myself constantly logging in to play. It isn't time consuming either. As long as your cards are sufficiently leveled, I think the chapters are pretty easy to progress through as well. I personally love the art and soundtracks, and I appreciate the fact that there are three languages to set depending on your preference. 

summer event~~

All in all, a superb game so far, and I definitely recommend downloading it! For now, nerd out!

Written by: ninetylives

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