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Memories of NES: Super Mario Bros.

A sudden, random bout of nostalgia hit me while I was figuring out stuff that I could write for the month. I won't ever pretend to understand the complexities of my brain. I just hope to have more good days than otherwise when writing is concerned. Anyway, talking about nostalgia...I'm sure most of us are familiar with the Nintendo Entertainment System, or NES for short. If you are not, please accept my most sincere apologies for implying that you might possibly be in the same generation as me. Then again, according to information the NES lasted for a good twenty years in the world before it got discontinued, so yeah! (?) So I've decided to recollect those early growing-up years of playing video games and discover a bunch of priceless gems deep down the trenches. It would be really nice if anybody could relate to any of the titles mentioned. Otherwise, I hope that you would appreciate a little history lesson (?)...

2015 marks the 30th anniversary of the first Super Mario Bros. game by Nintendo. The soundtrack of World 1-1 is still etched into my mind - tiny Mario begins his lengthy rescue of Princess Toadstool from the evil King Koopa in the bright, cheery morning. If there are little children reading this, nope mushrooms don't make you grow taller in a flash. On the contrary, not all mushrooms can be eaten. I vaguely remember playing one of the sequels where there was a mushroom that actually poisoned Mario, and silly me was still wondering why on earth did I keep dying at the same spot. Anyway, I do have my favourite monsters. Let me share a few with all!

The Angry Sun was one of the first enemies which had left a deep impression when I started playing Super Mario Bros. 3. Interestingly, that turned out to be its official English name. Back then, I merely thought that the sun looked a little pissed. The surprise came when it suddenly swooped down, nearly killing Mario. I never considered myself a pro-gamer, so the next time I played that round I equipped Mario with a P-Wing. Full marks for my utter lack of adventurous spirit.

Another enemy that made the impression list was the ghost, or Boo as it is officially known as. I didn't realise that the little white thing which kept harrassing Mario during the fortress rounds was a ghost. I mean, it looked awfully like a fish. Anyway, the 'fish' couldn't be defeated - I remember destroying it once with a Super Star but it would simply respawn and pester poor Mario until he got down the pipe! Well, come to think of it...ghosts are already dead.

The Piranha Plants never failed to keep me at the edge of my seat for most parts of my Super Mario Bros. experience. Those annoying things could be anywhere! The more lethal ones had to be the Fire Piranha Plants for an apparent reason. I remember stumbling upon a bunch of them near unthinkable areas like the quicksand. Why would flowers emerge from quicksand?!!? Then again, such unfathomable stuff also applied to pretty much everything else.

Interestingly, all that talk is mainly about Super Mario Bros. 3. I've got to admit though that it is the most memorable game in the franchise which I had played growing up. The soundtracks were catchy and fitting of the levels. The difficulty didn't necessarily increase with each progression although the game was probably made to feel otherwise. Back then, I knew nuts about the franchise, relying solely on haphazard reflexes and such. Even now, I can't say with a lot of confidence that I know every aspect of Super Mario Bros., but thankfully those childhood memories still remain largely vivid!

Gosh, I'm strangely fired up to dig up more of those memories. Anybody has any fond memories to share? It doesn't have to be NES though. SEGA is just as fine, though I've never owned one.

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪

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