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Japanese Curry

If anybody happens to be quite careful of what they partake on a daily basis, please accept my (not very) sincere apologies as the following post attempts to derail the routine, disciplined palate and agonise those gastric juices. Prolonged salivation may also occur, hence an adequate supply of napkins is recommended should a catastrophe suddenly unravels itself under extremely unflattering circumstances. Now that the advisory has passed, I shall dedicate some time to fawn over a little something which is easily one of my weaknesses concerning the palate. Yeah, I used to talk about it before, and now I'm returning to reiterate my love for...

Japanese Curry! Yummy. Sinful. Heavenly. Sweet. Spicy. Salty. Creative. Worldly. I believe that Japanese Curry is constantly changing to accomodate different palates, and the flavours will never run out of steam as innovation is a strong element that pushes the boundaries of tradition and incorporates new entries of creativity. There is something, maybe more about Japanese Curry which I'm unable to pass up. While I don't really remember my first time enjoying the bliss of that earth-shattering gravy, I do know the therapeutic, mouth-watering process of mixing the rice together with the curry, or simply taking that first spoonful.

Thanks to advanced food technology, it is super convenient to ease anybody's sudden craving for Japanese Curry. However, if you are concerned about the possible lack of culinary skill which could range from a little to utter, simply bring a nice pot of water to a bubble, and drop in one of those amazingly time-saving, hassle-free, ready-to-eat pouches, and wait for five minutes. Alternatively, you can use a microwave, but please transfer the contents into a microwave-safe dish first. Unless you are feeling rather adventurous and wouldn't mind tucking in a fancy curry dinner out of an exploded, blackened pouch. Just remember to call for an ambulance.

I prefer my Japanese Curry with rice, even though I also like mine with Udon from time to time. The consistency complements that of steaming white rice, and when mixed together the combination unravels an undisputed, gastronomic paradise that would more or less resemble what many people refer to as food porn. I don't really dig that term much, since no matter how exaggerated anybody's feelings for a dish could be, they shouldn't be anywhere remotely near the widely suggestive notions of said reference. Anyway, those ready-to-eat pouches are potatoes and carrots by default, and in my honest opinion their highest level of heat is as good as the mild option.

Then, there are the more sumptuous variations of curry. Frankly, just a mere addition of meat into the gravy could easily set anybody back by another few dollars or more, depending on where they eat this curry. I have tried pork and chicken katsu with my curry many times, and I believe that beef had been on the palate for a bit as well. Oh, ebi tempura goes really well with curry too! The tempura flakes provide a refreshing, melodic crunch in-between bites of rice, vegetables and meat! Another tasty option is raw or onsen egg. Omelette is fine. Okay, I think that I have just caught a bit of drool escaping from the edge of my lips.

Finally, this is just my opinion - there was once when I bought a couple of plain waffles to go with the ready-to-eat curry. While I thought that it was quite an awesome combination, the notion didn't sit well with a few of my friends. Maybe I should try eating it with chocolate next time.

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪

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