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Emporium Shokuhin: First Look

Hello readers. The likes of Silent Hill continue to wrap this island with concern and anxiety. Do take much care: Drink plenty of fluid, use eye drops for comfort, wear a mask whenever outdoors. If anybody is the descendant of the Rain God or Goddess, could we have prolonged rainfall to ease the current situation? Many students are preparing for or already in the midst of their examinations. Outdoor events and activities are either postponed or cancelled. Everything else is executed in discretion. Hopefully, the days ahead would be more bearable.

Anyway, last afternoon I was in the heart of Marina Square. The day before, some friends had tagged me on Facebook to an article on The Straits Times about a newly opened Japanese emporium on the ground floor of said shopping mall. Naturally, the built-in radar beeped furiously to the enticing information. Thankfully, the location is extremely accessible which means possibly a more frequent patronage for all things Japanese. What is this place? Emporium Shokuhin!

The lunch crowd was already circling much of the emporium which boasts unique and innovative concepts that should be able to pique every enthusiast's interest. The entrance proudly displays a big, lit signboard with the brand's specialisations. Also, there is a huge window display of meat. It reminds me of the old-fashioned butcher. To the right corner stand several compartments of fresh produce, both imported and local. Just look at the selections. Gosh, the daikon (which goes really well with Sanuki Udon when grated), the ears of corn, different types of mushrooms...thankfully, I didn't salivate because that would feel extremely weird. Does anybody actually drool over raw produce? Then again, several vegetables can be consumed uncooked.

I have never eaten Wagyu before (don't ask why), but the curiosity has always been wandering around somewhere. From the looks of those cuts, only a couple of things came to me: Wagyu is indeed expensive, but goes really well with Shabu-shabu. I mean, it isn't difficult at all to imagine the swishing motion of the beef slices in the broth and the raw, beaten egg.  

If you love your seafood, the emporium also brings in quite an exotic selection of fish, crab, lobster and shellfish. It was actually rather therapeutic watching the crabs and lobsters in their hydro treatment. There is also cooked seafood available for takeout.  

Japanese Curry! Nope, I didn't buy some for myself. However, all of these make one more good reason to return to the emporium another day. Most are familiar brands to me, particularly Vermont Curry and Golden Curry. Naturally, I will go for their ready-to-eat pouches as I consider myself ill-equipped to cook curry from scratch! I didn't realise that a brand simply known as The Curry exists. Sounds majestic, doesn't it?

Shelves of condiments, sauces and instant food don the next half of the emporium. I have tried a few variations of Japanese bowl noodles, and I must say that they continue to warrant potential binging. The prices are considered steep, but those bowl noodles should be filling for the average person. If not, perhaps anybody would like to consider the ramen eatery in-store which quite unfortunately I didn't manage to snap a picture of.

I believe that most readers would get the reason I took this shot. Surprisingly, the built-in radar hadn't beeped that much over here. I recommend the Matcha Collon! There isn't a need for justification. Simply grab and check out. Your palate will scream for more...hopefully. Well, there are other alternatives which might better fit anybody's preferences. Outside the emporium is a cafe cum bakery which should delight tired shoppers looking for a little boost, or white collars on their tea-break.

Although Emporium Shokuhin is on the much steeper side, it is still worth taking in its atmosphere and potential with welcoming arms, even more so for Japanese enthusiasts!

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪

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