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Figure Unboxing and Review: 1/8 Scale Oshino Ougi (Kotobukiya)

To All,

Like I promised, today, I'll be bringing you a figure from my all-time favorite anime -- Monogatari Series! If you have watched one of the latest arcs (Owarimonogatari), you should be quite familiar with Oshino Ougi!

She claims to be the niece of Oshino Meme, but my intuition tells me she's more than what she seems!

Packaging 8.5/10

The first look I had of her box didn't leave me very impressed. Sure, the box fits its purpose of protecting the figure, but doesn't have much in the display department. As much as this isn't a box which I would display, I grew to adore how unique and compact her box was.

While other boxes would have 1 or 3 windows on the four main sides of the box with the back displaying poses, Ougi comes with only 2 windows. The one in front gives a full view of the figure and the one on the side shows her side view. But of the two sides that didn't have windows, they display zoom-ins and outs of the figure. 
The top of her box has a window as well, though what you can view from it is really limited.
Her blister was really snug with the figure and the two pieces were taped together securely. Kotobukiya also generously left a hole at the blister where he face was so you could view and touch Ougi's face if you wish. I love the unobstructed view of her face even when she's still encased in her blister!
Here's how Ougi looks from the back, still in her blister.
Base 9/10

Her base is unique, showing a hand peeking out from what I'll call shadows. The shadows have Kanji words and as far as my Japanese proficiency brings me, they are quite negative comments like "Disappear", "Dark", "Silent" and "Not existing".

If taking a glimpse at her figure did not tell you enough, Ougi is a pretty dark and mysterious character. As such, the dark base with this spooky underlying theme suits her magnificently.

And of course, I love this base and how unique it is. It's definitely a base that suits the figure, seems like a part of the figure's design (unlike a simple circular base only), supports it well, and increases my enjoyment of the figure.

Posing and Assembly 9/10

Assembly is as simple as putting Ougi onto her base. Although there is only one point of contact with the base, the fit is snug for my copy and I'm certain that Ougi will not fall off her base! Do note that she's quite difficult to get off her base once you put her on, so take extra caution when you do so!
Ougi is really a well-sculpted figure which catches the characteristics very well. From the base down to the loose sleeves, I can already determine how "Ougi" (for the lack of a better description) and the pose that she is in is definitely one I can imagine her in. This pose, demeanor, expression and base is something that suits Ougi very well, and I cannot imagine any other character who can pull it off better than she can!

This is quite a fresh scene as compared to the saturated bunny girls and swimsuits figures who tend to be more seductive and aren't especially unique to any particular character in the market nowadays.

Sculpting and Painting 8/10

I like how her sleeves look from her "Best Angle", which was the angle of the previous picture (found under the Posing and Assembly section.

However, from the angle in this picture, the way her sleeves are sculpted makes it look incredibly strange, more so in photographs than in real life, but nevertheless strange.
Even so, I like how the movement in the sleeves camouflages her hands in those sleeves, making it difficult to locate where her hands actually are. This hints at the mysterious air Ougi has with her throughout the entire arc!
From this angle, you are able to enjoy her physique from her slim waist all the way to her poised toes pointing down covered by the black tight stockings. The way the sculpt of her skirt juts out at the front further accentuates her posture along with her raised hands which draws attention to the figure from the waist down in this angle.

Each fold in the skirt is also delicately and accurately sculpted with realistic folds to complement the pose. The creases in her blouse aids in showing the movement too! Personally, I like how her tie seems to be fluttering. It's a realistic touch to this figure and make it look like a 3-dimension representation of a scene taken straight out of the anime!
If there's one thing I could possibly be displeased with other than how weird her sleeves may look from several angles, it would be the sculpt for the inner side of the sleeves. I would have expected the sleeve to extend in deeper or perhaps for the tips of her fingers to be visible in the depths of the sleeve, however all I got was a poor job of her inner sleeve bunching up and conjoining to itself (and quite visibly quite close to the bottom of her sleeve as well!)

Enjoyment 8/10

Monogatari Series is my favorite anime, and I do adore Ougi's personality and role in the series. Thus there is a chance that my judgement might be clouded, but I do not deny that I do love this figure despite its flaws (really, it's just the sleeves).

The sculpt on Ougi is excellent (except for the sleeves) and the lack of paint flaws have me increase my trust in Kotobukiya's quality once again. But even such sleeves have their own redeeming quality. I do adore them in their "Best Pose" view, as shown in the picture above (in section Posing and Assembly), and I've realized that the inner sleeves aren't visible usually as they are tilted downwards. Thus neither flaw bugs me as I would be posing her in her "Best Pose" in a detolf shelf at perfect eye-level so I won't see her inner sleeves as well.

So let's cast this sleeve-syndrome aside, and embrace the fact that this Ougi figure is a lovely new addition into Kotobukiya's increasing number of awesome figures and she'll be a nice collectible for Monogatari fans as well as anyone else who's into badass characters who talks in confusing yet convincing ways to turn your mind into a mess of garbled mush as a persuasive technique.

From Your Fellow Collector,

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