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Donating for Racing Miku Nendoroid

If you have ever lusted after a Racing Miku Nendoroid, you would know that the only way to "pre-order" them is to get them via a donation on Good Smile Company's website, where they go from at least 8000 yen. Fortunately, the scales are available at regular GSC distributors and you can easily grab one on pre-order from Amiami.

This year, the deisgn is based off on one of Tony Taka's designs and while I am not a fan of most of his illustrations, I do agree that this Nendoroid is super cute! She really feels like a fairy and I find her even more appealing than Tony's winning illustration (image below).
Though as I am already purchasing the scale of 2016 Racing Miku, which is in RAINBOW COLORS, I didn't feel the urge to get this Miku who is mainly in green (and white) which seems pretty mono-color to me.

This is 2016 Racing Miku which I have on pre-order and will be coming out in September. She is one of my favorite Racing Miku so far and I am really excited to get her!!

Back to 2017 Racing Miku, I have a friend who is a huge fan of the design and decided to bite the bullet and make an 8000 yen donation for the Nendoroid and I suppose he will most likely get the scale too. With this Nendoroid being the lucky number 777, that might just be another reason to get her!

And since this is such a rare occurrence (I haven't made a donation for any Racing Miku yet), I figured it might be beneficial to document this.

The 8000 yen donation comes with a personal sponsor card, ticket holder, 2 acrylic key chains and of course, the Nendoroid. This arrived at my friend's house about 1-2 weeks ago, completely unexpected. Unfortunately, it doesn't come with all the items listed above but let's go through what it comes with~
A small box that obviously doesn't suggest that the Nendoroid is in it. But inside the box, we see a paper mentioning what is in this package, which includes the personal sponsor card, a ticket holder and an acrylic keychain. What's left is another acrylic keychain and the Nendoroid and I can't wait to review both of them when they finally arrive!
No additional shipping cost was charged for this package from Japan to Singapore, hence it was a very unexpected delivery for my friend!
In the image below, you see the personal sponsors card as well as the ticket holder. Unfortunately, it is a bummer to see that the personal sponsors card doesn't even come with the donor's name. Instead, it comes with a slot at the back which you can fill your name in if you want to.
The ticket holder seems like something to hold the tickets to the race, which is something neither me nor my friend needs in Singapore as we will not be attending the race. I can't say it is a useful thing to receive but it's cool that they have the winning illustration on it which means that they re-do the holder every year and who would say no to more items with an illustration they like on it?

Personally, I think that this is the item that captures my attention the most in this package and that's the acrylic keychain! Scroll down to the next image to see her in a better angle~

Even though she is listed as a keychain, she comes with both a keychain and a stand part. This means that you can either attach the keychain to your backpack or just put her on her stand and have her watching over your in your room!

Personally I prefer seeing her as an acrylic stand, possibly because I'm still against bringing keychains out, especially acrylic ones, in case they get damaged. Having the stand makes it perfect to display her at home... or beside her Nendoroid or scale (or both) when they arrive!

~ Reina-rin

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