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Figure Unboxing and Review: Komaeda Nagito (Kotobukiya)

To All,
Komaeda Nagito, from Super Danganronpa 2, is one of the most popular characters in the series. There was also another figure released from this line by Kotobukiya but due to space constraint reasons at that time, I decided not to pre-order Hinata Hajime as well. Right now, I'm regretting my decision though I'm still unwilling to get him yet as I am still facing the same space constraint reasons now, if they haven't aggravated.

Image credit to lusciouscookies on Carousell

Komaeda comes with a clear box, which is something I associate with Alter instead of Kotobukiya. Though, it seems like many companies now follow this trend! The patterns on the box is a "target" sign, which ties in well with the name Danganronpa as well as the gameplay of shooting at phrases which contradict the crime scene investigations. The cube design at the bottom of the box makes a firm link to the base as well, and the plain black and white color scheme o the box makes the blue of Komaeda's base pop.

As with other figures, Komaeda also comes in a perfectly fitted blister and with plastic pieces to ensure that there would be no paint transfers during transport.

The base on it's own doesn't seem that much dynamic but I like how the different tiles in the lowest layer re uneven. This adds more layers and dimension to this figure. Furthermore the arrangement orf the cubes going up the base toward the figure also helps to keep Komaeda stable, especially since there is merely a single peg. However do note that the peg itself is long and this keeps the figure quite stable in its place on the stand.

Posing and Assembly 7/10

The pose that Komaeda is placed in has the concept of him reaching a hand out to the viewer when displayed on his own. However, Hinata has the same pose though stretching out his left hand instead of his right like Komaeda is. If you have a good imagination, it is also possible to display the two of them so Komaeda and Hinata look like they are reaching out for each other!

Assembly is as simple as fitting Komaeda onto the base. Do note that the peg has a specific shape and you'll need to match them up properly. Also, be sure to push down on Komaeda's shoe instead of on any other part to ensure you get the peg in place in the most efficient method possible, with the lowest risk of breaking anything on the figure.

Sculpting and Painting

I'll apologize for gushing beforehand as there are many details I like about this figure so this section might end up being a little long.
Firstly, how can you not appreciate this figure when you look at him? His clothes are detailed with many realistic creases and fold and each of them are arranged in such a way that they would be enhanced by lighting and the resulting lighting further enhances the sculpt.
I particularly adore Komaeda's cloak. Not only does it have a unique original design, the way it is splayed out behind him adds more depth, dimension and movement to the figure and as the shading and highlights further enhances the cloak, it results in it appearing to be soft to the touch just like fabric in the wind. The other details on the cloak such as the red logos as well as the string to control the hood wideness. Although it would be better if the strings were slimmer, it wouldn't be wise as it might not be able to hold its own weight. As such, I'll be accepting to the thicker and less realistic strings for now.
His silver belt is also sculpted in high detail and looks pretty amazing and realistic on its own. Also, the way that it is positioned adds on to the dynamic feel of this figure instead of just lying limply by Komaeda's thigh.

Both the red string on the cloak and the silver chain are slightly flexible and are capable of resisting damage. However, both of these are rather long and as much as they are flexible, I wouldn't recommend handling them too much as the long length increases the possibility of them breaking if handled too roughly.

The shows that Komaeda is on holds a nice detail of two zippers as well. Although it isn't very clearly depicted in the picture, both zippers do look realistic, complete with the zipper tooth and head. This is quite a nice detail as I never did pay much attention to his shoes when he appears in the game or when looking at his fanart, however, this figure does make me pay more attention to the different details of his attire now.

The red pattern on the front of Komaeda's shirt is beautifully painted on and fits properly onto the different folds to be a continuous streak of red for the pattern. This is one of the parts of his design that is most noticeable for Komaeda's attire in the game so I'm extremely overjoyed that Kotobukiya did not mess up on this one little detail.

And if you think that that's all, Kotobukiya has more details to offer, such as the hood actually having a hollowed out part complete with folds.

Another part of this figure which I like is the pearl colored paint that is applied to Komaeda's hair. It makes the hair shine while keeping the translucent looks at the end of the hair strands. This helps to keep the ethereal effect and the mysterious aura which Komaeda exudes, as well as keep him apart from other white-haired figures which only have a flat white paint base.


I do love this figure quite a fair bit and I find that it looks amazing in my display with Natsume and Celty's scales as they all fit into the dark and mysterious theme. There is just this aura surrounding the three of them which makes their figures closer to hear and more pretty when displayed.

From Your Fellow Collector,

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