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Pullman Bakery

So I had another of those peculiar dreams where the world turns fancy and irresistible regardless of what comes out of it, or simply due to the sheer lack of realism whatsoever. In this installment, a sweet aroma straight from the heavens tickled beyond the common senses; I realised that I was at the bakery. However, it wasn't some traditional family-owned bakery that had contributed loaves of bread and such to my childhood. The busy kitchen smelled of sweet melon and Hokkaido Curry buns. Oh, the gastronomic pleasures were up and rising again! Milk, stop beckoning me with your banana, chocolate, coffee, melon and plain flavours. Even though I never intended to go on a diet, but those sweet lovelies could easily change my mind...not quite. The bakery originated from Sapporo, Hokkaido (hence those Hokkaido Curry buns) and has since opened four outlets across that region and its only shop abroad in Singapore. Hello, Pullman Bakery.

The said Singapore outlet is located at Millenia Walk, right on the ground floor. The bakery is open daily from 7.30am to 9.30pm on weekdays and from 8.30am to 9.30pm on weekends and public holidays. It has been nearly five years since Pullman Bakery threw an anchor onto our shores, yet it was only a year ago that I first patronised the outlet. While I do appreciate pastries, I'm not really a regular customer of any bakery. Besides, the probability of getting bread for myself in the first place is pretty much once in a blue moon. Hmm, I suppose that I would still prefer a cafe instead. However, after a friend had casually mentioned about the bakery, stopped over there, bought some bread and treated me to a bun (which was an important triggering point), I became slightly aware (?) of its existence. Well, come to think of it, being a Japanese bakery does help tremendously especially when those vibes start slithering into the mind and everything else of an all-things-Japan enthusiast. Funnily though, back then I didn't realise that Pullman Bakery hailed from Japan. I humbly apologise...never mind, let's move on.

The cookies were the very first items that I got from the bakery. If memory serves me well, there are Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Mint, Honey...great, I don't remember the rest. I also fancy the petite madeleines (if anybody knows how to pronounce madeleines, kindly drop off a comment below) which are basically little sponge cakes. Those little lovelies are a fantastic excuse to keep everything to yourself without feeling an ounce of guilt. Not that I have ever felt guilty or anything on other occasions. Anyway, they are great with milk! The bakery sells the brand Meiji - incidentally that is a favourite of mine. The flavours complement nicely the cookies and madeleines. I like banana and melon. Okay, I sound like some kid being let loose inside a candy store. Please save the puke for somewhere else. Oh, if anybody needs some rest (?) Pullman Bakery has some tables and chairs set up just outside. If possible, buy a couple of buns.

I cannot end this dream (?) without mentioning the bakery's signature Hokkaido Curry Bun. It is also a 'limited edition' item as only 200 buns are sold each day. The Hokkaido Curry Bun is beyond the richness and generosity of what most similar buns by other competitors have to offer. As I'm a fan of Japanese curry, I didn't let the pastry escape my eyes as I finally got the opportunity to savour the goodness of fleshy potato chunks and warm, gooey curry sauce. definitely reminds me of Curry Rice and more Curry Rice.

Hopefully, I would be able to try more of its pastries. You too.

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪

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