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Figure Unboxing and Review: Hatsune Miku (Harvest Moon version)

Hatsune Miku in Harvest Moon style was originally styled as a Nendoroid but with her overwhelming success in sales, her scale figure was announced and swiftly released. And here's the figure that is her full glory, in a box that suits the atmosphere of the figure.
The pinks, purples and blues on the box creates the atmosphere of a hazy night, while the circle cutout on the box resembles a full moon. 
The back of the box is as usual, with the information that Good Smile Company usually slaps on their boxes. The images on the box also showcases the front and back of Miku, as well as her outfit and hairstyle that's unique to this version of Miku.
 In the blister, you can see the two parts of this figure: namely Miku hereself and the base.
The base is elegantly designed with a blue starry sky and glowing clouds. There are three metal pegs on the base which fits directly into the pegholes in Miku's shoes.
After assembling Miku on the base, we are able to see her in her full splendor. Her robe is a muted color with white and lavender as well as orange. The gradient on Miku's hair is pretty as well, going from deep teal down to translucency at its tips.

Miku's hair ornaments are dainty and elegant. It is made up of several white flowers with yellow centers and a red tassel adorned with a pink bead. A little more effort going into sculpting and shading the tassels would be great.

The twist in Miku's robes is distinctly visible with the sculpt and the shading shaping the folds in the robes. The scallop hem of the dress adds to the cuteness of the figure and gives a more unique feel when you get to see more of the translucent inner layer.
Unlike the unassuming front of the figure, when you view her from the back, you can see the amount of effort placed into sculpting the robe on this figure. There are so many creases and folds in the dress to make it appear more soft, comfortable and realistic.
From the back, she appears so melancholic...
Ironically, the only gripe I have is also her hair. Although the hair seam is hidden well, the horizontal layers end awkwardly at the back end of her hair which makes it look misplaced.
However, from the side, the atmosphere around Miku seems to change completely and she appears elegant. The sculpt of her hair is especially pretty and elegantly twirling about the figure. The paintwork for her ponytails are subtly beautiful on every level.

Another important aspect of Miku's design is the fan. The translucent material used to make the fan gives it a similar look as with rice paper, which is normally used to make such fans. The brown lacquer holder of the fan is another pretty aspect to look at, which isn't clear in the photograph below. However, it comes with sculpted detailing that makes it look jut like a pretty fan that suits this elegant figure!
 ~ Reina-rin

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