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Reina's Japan Trip, June 2016: Day 4 Part II [Hokkaido, Hakodate Goryokaku Tower]

To All,

After unloading and unpacking slightly, me and my friends got ready to leave once again, this time to Goryokaku Tower. To reach here, we used a tram and got off several stops later. The tram starts at 210 yen for one stop, then increases step-wise till the last stop.
Goryokaku tower is a star fort built about 150 years ago and is heavily linked with the Bakufu. Hence, there are a lot of Shinsengumi goods available even in the souvenir shop of the tower itself. Take note, Hakuouki lovers!

Also, for a small fee of a little over 800 yen, you are able to go up the tower to look down at the star shaped fort. Unfortunately I didn't go up the tower as I would have rather went in spring or winter. There are also puzzle boxes and other items which have the image of the fort.

There all sorts of goods that range from stuffed toys to facial products to tea cups and other famous food. There are a lot of sakura-flavored and star-shaped goods in the tower. Here are some pictures to better understand the variety of goods they sell! 

Shiroi Koibito magnets. They are really cute!

 Even Miku has a place among all these variety. And of course, it's Snow Miku, the pride of Hokkaido!

Japan sake. I heard from my friends who purchased this that it's really good!
Their families didn't seem to like it much though.
Goryokaku Tower also comes with displays of cannons and other materials which the Bakufu used in their battles. They also come with a sculpture of Hijikata Toshizo who lead the battle at Hakodate.


Of course, food is an essential part of most souvenir shops, especially the large scales ones. Again, I have various pictures to show how they look and a portion of the selection you have at the tower shop.

Which of these would you have bought?

From Your Fellow Japan Fan,
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