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Throwback: Cosfest Christmas

Did you guys have fun at Cosfest XIII

Well, here's a throwback cosplay post for Cosfest Christmas 2013! It was held at the Bugis+ Atrium and the turnout was huge. Probably not as big as Cosfest XIII, but still pretty big on its own. If I remember correctly this is the first ever Christmas event. 

There weren't any merchandise booths, but they did have this really awesome bike up on display. 

It was quite packed in the small area, and many people spilled over to the upper floors. It was also rather tough to get photos as there was a Running Man game going on, where the participants had to complete missions and all that, so. But without further ado, here are the photos!

Isn't this Naruto so adorable? He also made an appearance at Cosfest XIII, did you guys spot him there? He was super sporting in posing for us. (Also, pardon if I make any gender mistakes, it's sometimes pretty hard to distinguish their actual genders.)

And then have some Free! Gou and Nitori Sailor version! I missed some of their gang though, hence just these two cuties. 

Amnesia! Looks good, yes? 

And here we have the Vocaloids, mmm. I think the second photo might be Kaito, I forgot to ask. ):

Lightning and Cloud! I really love the lightning cosplay, her expression is pretty dead on. I wonder how long it took to make their weapons. Cloud's sword especially. It's massive. 

Here we have a Human Monokuma! I like the way she matched the outfit. 

Kuroko no Basuke! Genderbent Midorima and her lucky item of the day, as well as Kise. Also, have a super cute genderbent Kuroko. Sigh, so adorable. 

Some Magi,

Genderbent Sanji and Wanted! Sanji. Genderbent Sanji is pretty accurate, isn't it? 

Hakuoki! /squeals Sano, Okita, and Shinpachi! Did I get them right? Okay I'm just going to leave you with the rest of the photos I have on hand. 

Once again, there weren't many cosplayers that were available for photos due to the Running Man program, which was a pity, really, there were so many awesome cosplays there. 

Overall I would say it was actually quite boring, and there was really nothing much to do there. It was rather fun to watch the Running Man teams do their missions, but since we couldn't take solo shots of their cosplays.. I'll take a point off. 

An AFA throwback cosplay might be posted soon so stay tuned for that! Plenty of photos for that one, definitely. 

EOY is coming up next, on the 2nd and 3rd Aug, at Marina Barrage, so clear your schedules! 

Written by: ninetylives

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