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Milkcananime Team Gathering: Brunches Cafe

Wednesday afternoon was a lovely one well-spent with Max and a few other fellow writers from Milkcananime! We met up at Brunches Cafe, located at 96 Rangoon Road which is a short walking distance from Farrer Park MRT. Nonetheless, if you happen to be rather clueless about directions like yours truly, it is easy to miss the place! Anyway, Brunches Cafe is a comfortable, relaxing alternative to the usual coffee and dessert spots.

I wasn't surprised to see Christmas decorations and such sprucing up the place. The vibes would make one feel right at the core of a truly wonderful time. As I was the first person to arrive (I was early and nearly lost), I took a few pictures while waiting for the others at this long wooden table.

What an awesome vintage car! It is actually a seat for two I believe, and just look at the vehicle plate and front boot! Can you spot Santa Claus and the snowflake? Oh, the cafe also has rows and rows of vintage dolls that might just remind some readers of Annabelle (or anything similar to her). I love the chalkboard menu over there! But really, the cafe has a wide selection of food, drinks, and desserts.

Allow me to recall what each of us had ordered that afternoon. Obviously, mine would be the easiest: a refillable pot of tea known as Slow Down & Relax! Neko and ET had Coffee on the Rock, Ritsu ordered a Rustic Mushroom Soup, Reina had...okay, some kind of coffee, Max had some kind of coffee as well plus a Molten Lava Cake (I think Ritsu and Reina also shared a lava cake?). Neko and Devi decided to go for the lava cake as well, and a plate of Popcorn Chicken appeared in the middle of our table. Devi's drink was some flavoured soda I believe...okay, my memory is so bad!

Anyway, all of us had a nice time (we stayed for nearly three hours sans Neko who had to leave early for a dinner appointment) in Brunches Cafe. Believe it or not, this was like the first actual team gathering for Milkcananime with an almost full attendance! A few of us had met each other through separate events and such, so it would be awesome to have more team gatherings like this where hopefully the entire Milkcananime family could make it and hang out together! Looking forward! ^^

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪

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