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The Simple Guide to Informative Youtube Channels

There you are, fidgeting anxiously and tick off the dates to make a journey in a country that of which has your passion for their rich historical culture and subculture; Japan. Delicious varieties of food serving in little bars tucked into corners or fancy restaurants, colourful parade of kimono and modern outerwear, memorable festivals if you are lucky enough to be part of. Yet, you are dubious about your decorum in a foreign land, in favour so as not to insult the locals due to any etiquette misconstruction. At the same time, you  inwardly revere to make an impression on that person traversing along. With that plant in your mind, you dawdle off to the local bookstores and collect travelling guide paperbacks, to which is a good idea, yet, within the print pages there isn't any instructions about social graces. Put your misery aside, because Youtube is another great site for garnering knowledge aside from wikipedia; it is a source of unlimited access to assorted channels teeming in the engine.

1) The Japanese Man Name Yuta has more than 500k subscribers and the number rises everyday, by the positive reviews we can deem it a safe channel for guidance; Yuta scouts the streets to interview unsuspecting folks. He is one amongst many youtubers to dole out his advocacy on the infamous case about Logan Paul's crazy antics during his visit to Japan. The host gets down to brass tack when dishing out explanations about the normalcy and politics in which expands your observation, so people like us who are earnest for wisdom as well as, any latest trending happening in Japan. You not only get in touch with the topics surrounding the country but Yuta, also give lessons on their mother tongue to anyone who is willing to grasp on the subject. The down to earth youtuber can be found in several social platforms that are linked in his Youtube channel.

2) Ask Japanese is a amusing channel interlinked with Kawaii Pateen! Let's Play Japan, DokiDoki Drawing, Only In Japan. Ask Japanese has approximate of 100k subscribers. The demographic aiming at every age and anyone who admire Japan's fashion subcultures, topics that of which include anime/manga, foreigners residing in Japan, a guide to tourism and cultures. Cathy Cat is the pretty reporter famous for her princess style cute outfits display in her Instagram and you are able to pinpoint her account under the link below each videos, she speaks fluently in their native language. You see her amidst the bustling streets questioning foreigners about their experiences in Japan and as well as local residents. It may sound similar to The Japanese Man Yuta but overall this channel spotlights on entertainment and be sure to check out the rest of the channels from Ask Japanese 

3) Last but not the least, we have Find Your Love In Japan; I am sure just by the channel's name entices your inner curiosity. Most of us create a wreath of nonsensical wistful fantasies in search of a partner in the hearts of Japan. Once again, Nobita join forces to set Logan Paul's disruptive character and is vocal on the context in the broadcast videos that he uploads. He reports from busy streets and queries on topics that of which includes the input of the local residents. Relatively a "new" channel basing off from it's date of debut, three-years-old yet, push around 100k subscribers in a short list. Nobi Lesson is another channel for fledging learners. The site home in on sensitive issues as cultural appropriation; it is educational due to it's deeper subjects and gain credit from their perspectives. You can find him various social platforms seen on his Youtube channel

When it comes to Youtube or any other social media, we have our personal opinions due to the exposure receive from the legions of veterans and upcoming fresh faces. Contents that are either appropriate or inappropriate since we have the younger audiences who easily have access to the cyber world. But I do hope that this aids your cause; if you are already a subscriber in either channels just like myself, even better! do you know more of similar contents? or have any preferable ones, don't be shy to type in the comment section below. We learn something everyday and that is one of the best experiences anyone could achieve.

Written by, Rugi chan

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