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An Early, Random Christmas Chatter

Ho ho ho...well, not quite. But Christmas is only about a week away, and for somebody who doesn't really have a festive spirit I find it difficult to relate to the many redefinitions of Christmas. Well, there is always the food I suppose! Someday, I would like to spend the year-end holidays in Japan, just for the long overdue exposure. The Japanese people get buckets of fried chicken for Christmas, which we don't have a practice of. I don't remember what I had last Christmas. Selective amnesia, maybe?

I have had several Christmas gift exchanges, though the meaning of such has long lost itself on me as the people and myself inevitably drifted apart from one another. Besides, the presents were usually just convenient grabs off the discount racks or candies for rainy days. The odd surprise or two along the way has become fuzzy as well quite unfortunately. But the temporary bliss back then was still pretty genuine.

Yeah, I think I am more or less like that nowadays! I have nothing against parties and the generic joy that comes with them, though any hint of excitement would just wear out very quickly and turn into discomfort and awkwardness. Wallflower, anyone? But I guess I should be a ninja in the middle of the party, and secretly disappear into the darkness after having my fill of cakes, chocolates, ice-cream, whatever! Not possible, you say? Yeah, I know.

Santa Claus is coming to town!!! When I was a kid, I had free gold coins that were in fact half-melted chocolate. A group of Santa Claus cosplayers (okay, back then nobody called them that) would distribute those gold coins around busy shopping malls to greedy children and adults. Oh yeah, there was no explicit rule preventing anybody from having seconds, thirds, fourths and fifths. Nope, I didn't jump back into the queue, because I was downright disgusted by the mess the chocolate had made on both my hands!

I am not sure what Santa Claus would bestow on me this year, but I do count some blessings every now and then. Anyway, a chilly Christmas with snowball fights and hot chocolate sounds really lovely! Hmm, maybe I should just get myself some fried chicken that day...

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪

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