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Throwback Godzilla: Re-imagination

I've yet to catch the latest addition to the Godzilla franchise, but for some reason there isn't a hint of urgency in wanting to do so. My mind keeps recollecting those growing up years of watching the old Godzilla movies. I also wonder what it would be like re-imagining my own Godzilla story. Maybe it would last a few hours, or even episodes. How about an entire season of pure kaiju goodness? I bet every studio head would drop me almost immediately! Anyway, dreams are what make the heart resonate under circumstances that could be way beyond our understanding. While I may not be a hardcore Godzilla fan, I certainly wouldn't mind having monsters fighting one another on my monitor. Note: The term 'Godzilla' here represents everything under its franchise for convenience.

Quit biting me! Argh!

Sea Battle: Godzilla + Mothra (larva form) + Battra (larva form)
Re-imagination: + Giant Octopus
I would think that a battle out at sea is a lot more demanding on the monsters no matter how powerful they can be. The strong waves are capable of slowing down action considerably, and the pressure during a knockback is sufficient to further impair mobility. In addition, the heavier the monster the slower its agility at sea. Ships, boats, oil rigs, anything related to the sea risk not seeing the light of day again with monsters fighting somewhat clumsily around them. The original battle scenes that I'm referencing are from 'Godzilla vs. Mothra', and for my re-imagination I'm adding in the Giant Octopus. Wouldn't it be a lot more exciting to watch four monsters play (?) with one another?

Are you sure you're a larva?!

Mothra in her larva form is undoubtedly the weakest link here, since her abilities have yet to flourish favourably. Unlike Battra who in his larva form already has a fiery laser beam to fend off Godzilla, Mothra can only make an escape for her life after some brief tail-biting and silk spewing. However, let's just say that in the midst of their (seemingly) three-way battle, the Giant Octopus rises up in frustration and decides to entwine Godzilla with its tentacles, will Battra make a straight dive for it? Or will he fish Mothra out of the waves and have a separate fight of their own? Then again, takoyaki is an extremely mouth-watering delicacy, so perhaps Godzilla might decide to just fire his atomic breath. But what is takoyaki without proper seasoning? Battra joins in the fun (?) and emits his laser beam across the Giant Octopus. At this point, it is pretty much just down to Godzilla and Battra. The takoyaki probably sucks, and Mothra simply retreats for her dear life. Anyway, it wouldn't be fair either if both Mothra and Battra were in their adult forms. I mean, it is supposed to be a sea battle.

I actually taste good! Eat me!

Air Battle: Mothra (adult form) + Battra (adult form)
Re-imagination: + Hedorah (flying form) + King Ghidorah
Visually, it is a lot more pleasing to watch giant moths fighting each other in the air, even though I'm still unable to acknowledge that Battra, despite his horribly mutated dinosaur-like features, is actually a moth. Anyway, I wish their battle had been longer in the movie. It just feels unlikely that Mothra would be easily pinned down by Battra's laser beams. Anyway, air battles can be easily intense and jaw-dropping because of their rapidness. Of course, with giant moths like Mothra and Battra, the colourful display adds points to the visual effects. Now, how about throwing in a couple of monsters for some distraction? In 'Godzilla vs. Mothra', Godzilla eventually awakens and becomes the sandwich filling in between Mothra and Battra. For my re-imagination, let's use Hedorah and King Ghidorah.

Whoo whoo whoo...

When in its flying saucer form, Hedorah becomes considerably smaller yet its extremely toxic fumes can easily incapacitate its opponents. I wonder if the giant moths would be immune to the toxic though. Nonetheless, it would be quite a toughie to deal with. Put King Ghidorah into the picture and perhaps bid farewell to the world. I think that if Mothra and Battra would join forces with King Ghidorah, Hedorah might have a bigger disadvantage at some point. Since Hedorah is simply slime, the other monsters could obstruct its mobility and damage by attempting to dehydrate it with their laser beams. The process might probably take a while though. I mean, King Ghidorah has three heads. One head might accidentally shoot Mothra, and another might accidentally shoot Battra. If the third head doesn't buck up, Hedorah might just fly off happily (?).

You rang?

If you could re-imagine your own Godzilla story, what would you add to it?

Zap! Zap!

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep

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