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BanG Dream Band Stories: Pastel*Palettes (Part I: Introduction to Aya and Chisato)

Pastel*Palettes is one of the bands that are included only in the game version of Bandori (Girls' Band Party) and is, in my opinion, one of the groups with the most variety in terms of personality. The team of 5 is made up of: Maruyama Aya, Shirasagi Chisato, Wakamiya Eve, Yamato Maya and Hikawa Hina.

Let's go deeper into each girls' stories and personalities, and also ease us into the story line for them! We'll try to do this in a first-person point of view to make it more interesting~

Maruyama Aya
Good afternoon. Please introduce yourself.

N-Nice to meet.... Good afternoon! I'm Maruyama Aya, the vocalist of Pastel*Palettes... an idol band!

You've stated here that you are in an idol band. Tell us more about it, and your strengths and weaknesses that you have discovered while being an idol.

Um... I have always wanted to be an idol and bring smiles and dreams to others. However, it took me a very long time to actually debut. My weakness would be that... I get nervous very easily and this hasn't changed much despite me being an idol for quite some time. As a result of this, I am very weak when it comes down to the real live performance, because I just get nervous very easily...

And your strengths are?

That I don't give up easily! I believe that hard work definitely pays off and I want to show the world that!

I heard that you have been a trainee before becoming an idol...

Yes, I was a trainee for 3 years with no outstanding results before I became an idol. To be honest, I have no idea what made the company choose me as the vocalist, but I am very glad that they did. At that point, I would be forced to graduate from the company soon if I failed to secure a debut by the end of the year. So the invitation for me to join Pastel*Palettes then was as if the world has accepted my dream and aspirations and permitted me to chase after them!

Ah... I guess that's a little too much exaggeration, right?

Actually, I'm a person with a lot of insecurities. I think that I don't have any talent for idol activities and because of that, I veer towards piling all my hopes on hard work. I tend to work many times harder than any other person... or at least I believe I do!

Why do you do so?

To fulfill my dream! My dream is to become an idol through my own hard work and efforts and use that to show that hard work and diligence does pay off, and change people's mindsets from "Someone like me (can definitely not accomplish this)" to "I can do it"!
What have you achieved as being the vocalist of the idol band?

I... It might not be my place to say this but... I think that I matured quite a bit and am finally truly able to say that I am holding the whole band together!

It's an amazing dream.

Shirasagi Chisato
Good afternoon, please introduce yourself.

Good afternoon, my name is Shirasagi Chisato. I am currently the bassist of Pastel*Palettes.

I have a long history in the showbiz and started out as a child idol. I enjoy my work and am still deeply involved in it. I want to be successful and I think that I am on the right track now.
I heard that you are the "face" of Pastel*Palettes, is that true?

Hm... I wouldn't call myself that. However, due to being in showbiz for quite some times, I do often takes charge of speaking in public, instead of Aya. Likewise, I often speak to the staff on many occasions while representing Pastel*Palettes. But I still think that the real "face" of Pastel*Palettes is Aya. We have all been moved by her diligence at one point or another and now we are all together, striving for one common goal.

Thank you very much for your cooperation.
Personality-wise, Chisato is quite scheming and would stop at nothing to achieve her goals. However, in retrospect, if you are someone Chisato cares a lot about, she will put everything on the line in order to protect you. Despite so, I wouldn't call her a yandere as it is obvious that she is terribly self-centered and puts herself before anyone else almost all the time.

Aya, on the other hand, is much more innocent and faces her dreams head-on. However that makes her a little stubborn and out-dates, especially since she is caught up on her very own definition of "idol" and what an idol is. But the cool part about this is seeing how they slowly change to meld together better as a single new entity -- "Pastel*Palettes".

~ Reina-rin

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