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What Makes Japan Unique

Japan is one country that I've always heard to be at the top of many people's to-visit list. When you think of Japan, you might think of anime, anime, and more anime. However, there's a lot more that makes Japan what it is today. Here are some unusual things that you might come across there!


"Atas toilet" is an understatement for Japanese washlets. They contain a mishmash of high-tech functions, with one catching my attention the most: backside sprays. Imagine that! 

To add on, you can control the temperature of the water and enjoy your stay with a pleasantly-scented atmosphere, thanks to the perfume function. Not only that - are you constantly worried about the noise emitting from your cubicle? If you use one of these washlets, fret not - they come with noise-covering sounds too. 

Impressive, right? Most of the time when you go on a bathroom break outside, it's an inconvenience. But in Japan, it's a whole luxury. 

2. $100+ FRUITS 

Toilets aren't the only "normality" that can be called "magnificent" in Japan. Fruits, too. Introducing their iconic square watermelons!

I've never seen a watermelon of this shape before. Doesn't it make you yearn for a taste? One can sell up to around 180 SGD! But that's not even close to the price of the jet-black Densuke watermelon. 

This very fruit has been sold for almost 6000 SGD. With that kind of price slapped on it, it really makes you wonder about the taste! 


In Japan, if you're tired of walking and need to take a break, you can easily get free footbaths, also known as "ashi-yu", which are planted across the country's hot spring villages.

Being able to relax and not worry about a dime? Sounds like heaven to me!


As a country known for its sparkling cleanliness, Japan oddly has a lack of trash cans. You'd think it'd be the opposite, right? 

Infact, if you can find trash cans, they are mostly only limited to only plastic bottles and cans. 

It hasn't always been this way, though. Japan used to have more trash cans, but many got removed due to the counter-terrorism efforts after the Tokyo subway attack that occurred in 1995. 

Although this can be seen as more of an inconvenience, it also works as an environmentally-friendly way to help mother nature! 


Although I'm sure this is no secret, maid cafes are a common sight in Japan. Step into one and you'll experience wonderful hospitlality, alongside some quality entertainment. 

I would say these typically attract customers who are an avid watcher of anime, though anyone can enjoy the experience. For some cafes like the butler one, you can expect a sort of roleplay experience whereby you're a "princess", returning to your castle and getting served by your butler. Doesn't that sound like fun? 

Not only that, there are many different forms of entertainment you can receive there. The maids can dance, sing and perform for you. Some may even prepare skits that come along with your order, spicing up an already fascinating meal experience. 

Of course, not to forget the food. Get ready to be offered the cutest dishes you've ever laid eyes on. For example, take a look at this gudetama x maid themed cafe dish. It's the cutest! Really makes you think about the effort put behind each plate to please customers' eyeballs. 

With that, I hope you enjoy reading about the little unique parts of Japan that makes it such a popular tourist attraction. See you next time : ) 

Written by Potato.

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