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Game exclusives: Dragonquest Heroes II Part 1

Game exclusives have always been a huge part of the Japanese gaming market for as long as I can remember. Japanese game companies are very good at hooking their customers. And in a country where second hand games are readily available, getting preorders is a very important part of their advertising campaign .  

Dragonquest is one of the oldest RPG console game franchises. It has since branched out into many other genre, including app games and even motion sensor hack and slash action. I will admit I did not cover Dragonquest Heroes because I have frankly gotten sick of Enix and Koei's endless spinoffs. But this collaboration was surprisingly enjoyable. The graphics were sharp and it was not as boring as what the Koei franchises have become.

In Japan big game titles usually have tie-ins with the same retailers most of the time. And on top of that, they have preorder and first press specials, available everywhere. Dragonquest Heroes offers the original armor of the yusha from Dragonquest I, and an experience boost item

Also, you get the Homiron Statue recipe for Dragonquest Builders. 

Square-Enix e-store offers an exclusive limited edition of Heroes II with a box of 3 metal coins. But you have to pay 9800 yen. It really is a beautiful box. And even if you buy the plain version from them, you also get this, a Slime Knight  shield! 

Now what is unique about the equipment they are giving out this time is, they are not just skins. In Part One, those were mediocre and you will discard them quickly. Here, they are really quite usable. The shield makes you heal more when you use healing items. All specials are equippable by the duo heroes, and one other character. In this case its Terry.

Lawson (also HMV) gives you a pair of Killer Panther Claws! Gabo loves them. When you attack the weak points of enemies, you deal more damage. 

Big Camera, Kojima and Softmap gives a Killer Machine Bowgun. There is strangely no screenshot available in any of their sites, so I have to make do with just a picture of Kukuri instead. Normal arrows become larger, so you hit enemies way easier.

A very small picture of Tsutaya's Special. I have no idea why they are so stingy on pixels. Anyway, the Slime Tower Stick can only be equipped by your main duo heroes and they enhance your MP absorbing rate when you hit enemies. 

Amazon offers a Baby Satan Fork. This is honestly overpowered, to near cheating levels. You get to cast magics and skills FOR FREE! Clift loves it! How in the world it is approved I have no idea.


Written by Don

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