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Wonfes 2016 (Part 1)

To All,

If you're a figure collector, you must have at least heard about Wonfes, a very useful event for collectors where figure companies release new announcements or display their unpainted and painted figure prototypes!

This year's Wonfes is no different and I have isolated quite a few figures which I'm interested in to showcase the event. There are much more figure announcements and reveals out there, especially for Macross Frontier!

Now let's start in alphabetical order, for the shows with more than 1 figure announced.

Part 1: Card Captor Sakura, Fate Series, Fire Emblem If, Full Metal Alchemist, God Eater, Girls Und Panzer, Haifuri, Idolm@ster

Part 2: Kancolle, Koutetsujou no Kabaneri, Love Live!, Monogatari, Musaigen, One Piece, Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica. Re: Zero kara Hajimaru Isekai Seikatsu, Rockman.exe

Part 3: Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata, Sword Art Online, Servamp, Show by Rock, The Table Museum, Touken Ranbu, Vocaloid

Part 4: Single figure series announcements

Card Captor Sakura

First off we have a Nendoroid announcement for Li Syaoran from Good Smile Company. Li Syaoran was one of the characters to win in the Nendoroid poll competition and will be made into a Nendoroid. Look forward to him!
Li Syaoran also has a figma announcement by Max Factory. While it might be a bummer for those who were waiting for more Sakura (especially with the recent Sakura Nendoroid Code pre-orders), we can't always only have the girls stealing all the fame, right?
And just when you think that that's the end of the CCS male line-up from this Wonfes, no! We still have Yue (unknown scale) from Hobby Max!

Fate Series

Next up is where the Wonfest really shines, or bore you. As usual, there were a lot of fate-related announcements, and this time round there was more Jeanne than anyone else. Many Fate/Grand Order figures are being made too, so yay for anyone who's in love with it!

Sadly, I'm not that into Fate and my knowledge of it extends to only the anime seasons so pardon me if anything is wrongly named. I'm sure the images would clear things up!

First off, we have a Nendoroid Caster announcement! She comes from Fate/Extra CCC and will be made by, of course, our ever-beloved Good Smile Company!
Lancer from Fate/Grand Order will also be made into a Nendoroid by Good Smile Company.
These are the two Nendoroid announcements from Good Smile Company which I located. Next up would be the list of scales for Fate Series. Stay calm and enjoy the scrolling~

From Phat we have Saber from Fate/EXTRA. She is in the Parfom series, which is a line of articulated figures. If you aren't that into joints this might not be a good figure for you.
Fortunately if you aren't into joints, we have Saber from Fate/EXTRA being made by Aquamarine. The punchline? She's still of an unknown scale. (The image below is taken from myfigurecollection; the Aquamarine announcement is the red square).
According to alphabetical order, next would be B for Broccoli! Broccoli has revealed their Caster from Fate/EXTRA CCC in a 1/8 scale. She's so pretty!
Wonfes 2016 has no lack of bridal figures and to spearhead it this time round we have Saber Bride from Fate/EXTRA CCC by Hobby Max. As of yet, this figure is still of an unknown scale.
Next, we'll diverge to Fate/Grand Order figures. First up is Assassin of unknown scale by Max Factory.
We have a Fate/Grand Order Berserker unpainted prototype reveal as well. Berserker will be of 1/7 scale and made by Max Factory as well.
Then we have the casters! The first Fate/Grand Order Caster is by PLUM. She's an unpainted prototype reveal but as far as I can see, there's no mention of her scale yet, so I'll label her under unknown scale
The second Fate/Grand Order Caster (Halloween version) is by Flare, and although she has an unpainted prototype already, she too is of an unknown scale.
Fate/Grand Order Heroine X can definitely hold her own and her unpainted prototype stands out among other Fate prototypes. She's by Kotobukiya and will be in a 1/7 scale.
Remember when I said Jeanne d'Arc is incredibly popular? We now have a line-up of 4 Jeanne figures next so keep your eyes peeled.

Firstly we have Fate/Grand Order Jeanne d'Arc by Max Factory. She already has her unpainted prototype and comes in a 1/7 scale. I'm in love with how dynamic her figure looks!
Secondly, we have Fate/Grand Order Jeanne d'Arc by Alter. She's of an unknown scale now, but I have faith in Alter's quality. May Alter come up with a Jeanne that can rival Max Factory's!
Thirdly we have Fate/Grand Order Jeanne d'Arc by Flare. Unknown scale once again.
Finally, we have the killer Fate/Grand Order Jeanne d'Arc. Why killer, you ask? Because she's from Aniplex and that naturally means "Exclusive". Perhaps I'll start off by chopping and selling off limbs to attain this figure of her. Oh and once again, unknown scale.
Moving on with the other character's figures, next we have Fate/Grand Order Kuro no Rider of unknown scale by Amakuni.
Fate/Grand Order Lancer (unknown scale) has her very own announcement from Alter.
And with the year ending soon, we must have a santa version and the character who has the glory of taking on this important role is none other than Fate/Grand Order Saber (unknown scale) from Alter!
Once again from Flare, we have Fate/Grand Order Saber Bride. She's of an unknown scale and definitely looks different from the other Saber brides from other Fate series!
Good Smile Company is coming up with another Fate/Grand Order Saber (Huke version). That gets me all pumped up because I think the previous one was amazing! Though this one is recently announced and is still of an unknown scale.
Fate/Grand Order Saber Lily is making her appearance with an unknown scale. She's still at the announcement stage now, but she'll be made by Aquamarine!
And Fate/Grand Order Shielder figma by Max Factory brings us to the end of the Grand Order set.
A single input from the Loli corner brings us to Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYA 2wei Herz! where Illyasviel von Einzbern (Unknown Scale) will be made by Aquamarine.
Lastly from Fate/Stay Night we have 2 figures. The very first is Saber (Haregi Version) (1/7 scale) by Aniplex. Some of you might have seen this shown before Wonfes already!
And last but not the least, we have Fate/Stay Night [UBW] Tohsaka Rin (Wedding Version) by Hobby Max. She doesn't have an announced scale yet so I'll label her under unknown scale.

Fire Emblem If

A Nendoroid and a Figma were announced for Kamui. And I'm sure you know these trademark figure lines by now, but if you don't, they are by Good Smile Company and Max Factory respectively.

A 1/7 scale Camilla was also announced by the company Intelligent Systems. Her unpainted prototype is also done up and brought to the convention.

Full Metal Alchemist

Congratulations to Edward Elric for winning a spot in the Nendoroid poll! He will now be Nendorified. Nendoroid Edward Elric will be made by Good Smile Company.
In addition, both Edward Elric and Roy Mustang (unknown scale) will be joining the ARTFX line by Kotobukiya!

God Eater

Let's start with the girls. Alisa's 1/8 scale figure by Good Smile Company is finally all done and painted nicely. Enjoy!
The girls (Alisa and Ciel) also have bunny girls figure of 1/4 scale by FREEing. Alisa's look okay to me, but there's something about Ciel's arms that look off. Maybe it's just the angle of the photo...

Now, we move on to the guys. While lamenting that Soma doesn't have a figure yet, we'll look at Amamiya Rindou (1/8 scale) by Broccoli. Broccoli is really upping their game with figures lately.
And Julius Visconti (1/7 scale) by Phat! is finally painted. That took really, really, really long.

Girls und Panzer

I recently finished this series. Yes, I know I should have done it a long time ago, but this makes Wonfes 2016 announcements pack a larger punch for me!

Let's start off with 3 Nishizumi Miho figures. First off we have Miho from Aquamarine (unknown scale).
Secondly, Nishizumi Miho again, and Nishizumi Maho, this time a Furisode version (unknown scale) by Aquamarine.
Lastly, Nishizumi Miho and Maho from FREEing S-Style in a 1/12 scale.

Nishizumi Maho, Nishizumi Miho, Katyusha, and Nonna in an unknown scale by Ques Q.
Lastly, from Phat! we have swimsuit versions of Anchovy and Pepperoni in unknown scale.

High School Fleet (Haifuri)

From Good Smile Company, we have two Nendoroids. Misaki Akeno and Wilhelmina.

Good Smile Company also announced an unknown scale scale figure of Irizaki Mei (swimsuit version).

We also have a figma Misaki Akeno from Max Factory.
There is also a 1/7 scale Misaki Akeno made by Aniplex.
A matching 1/7 scale Wilhelmina by Aniplex will be made too.
Wilhelmina (unknown scale) is also being made by Kotobukiya. In the case that you don't fancy Aniplex depiction of her, which I don't really, you can always consider this version instead!


Let's start off with the original Idolm@ster first.

Nendoroid Code line-up and announcements by Good Smile Company include Haruka, Miki, Takane and Yayoi. Can we expect more from this line? I guess so.

For scale figures, we have Hoshii Miki Swimsuit Version in a 1/12 scale by FREEing.
We also have Akizuki Ritsuko in a 1/8 scale by Phat!
Now we'll move on to Cinderella Girls.

Coming first we have 1/12 scale Anastasia, Minami and Shimamu by FREEing.

We also have Alter's unknown scale Anastasia, Ranko and Minami Love Laika versions.

Good Smile Company has an uncolored prototype of Nitta Minami (unknown scale).
Alter has an uncolored prototype of Kanzaki Ranko Dark Princess Version (1/7 scale).
From the Triad Primus trio, we have announcements for 1/8 scale Nao and Rin by alpha x omega.

Phat! has an unknown scale Jougasaki Rika.
Kotobukiya has a Totoko Airi Princess Bunny version in an unknown scale.
For the Cinderella Girls who are not part of the main team:

We have Ichinose Shiki Mystic Elixir Version (unknown scale) by Good Smile Company!
Koshimizu Sachiko (1/7 scale) by Alter.
Sagisawa Fumika (unknown scale) by Alter.
Sagisawa Fumika (unknown scale) by Phat!
Shirasaka Koume (unknown scale) by Msx Factory.
From The Idolm@ster Million Live! we also have Ibuki Tsubasa (unknown scale) by Phat!
Saving the best for last! Trio Amami Haruka, Shimamura Uzuki and Kasuga Mirai (unknown scale) by Aniplex.
From Your Fellow Collector, 

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