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Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist - The Premiere Episode

Having just watched the first episode of this brand new series, I just want to say this: it has got demons and butlers, and lots of magic. But if you think it’s going to be something like Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler), think again. In my opinion, it’s much more similar to Pandora Hearts. Bear with me for a moment as I compare the two. There might probably be more similar elements but these are the ones I can think of right off the bat.
  1. Both protagonists is a young teen boy with blond hair and a stubborn personality
  2. Both protagonists come from a prominent, well-to-do background
  3. Both protagonists have a loyal servant
  4. Both series involve the male lead having a demon partner
  5. Both shows incorporate a theme that is somewhat gothic inspired
  6. Both settings involves going into another dimension

Similarities aside, the plot for Devils and Realist revolves around William, an aristocratic family's progeny with rare intellect. One day, his uncle lost his possessions after his business failed. Fearing that his family's name has been tarnished, William returns home and searches with his family's butler for anything that can be converted into cash. A search of the premises yields an underground room left by an ancestor. In the room is a magical seal, and William unintentionally summons a devil. The summoned devil tells William his name Dantalion, and reveals that William is the designator who can choose the acting ruler of the demon world. (Source: MyAnimeList)

William Twining
The orphaned son of a prestigious noble family who possesses great intelligence. He is a self-proclaimed realist who absolutely does not and refuses to believe in the existence of anything supernatural

The Grand Duke of Hell who is favoured by Lucifer. Being the direct descendant of Lucifer, there is no doubt that he is extremely powerful and is a great candidate to become the acting rule in Lucifer's absence

Kevin Cecil
Kevin is William's butler. His family served the Twining family for generations. Gambling is his favourite pastime and he likes to make bets on his master which annoys William to no end

Isaac Morton
William's friend from school. He heavily dabbles in the arcane and occult arts. While not as intelligent as William, his knowledge of the supernatural is great

Dantalion's goat-headed butler. Yeah... 'nuff said.

After watching the premiere episode, I have to confess I’m rather confused as to the real genre of the series. While it does state that it’s a comedy, the abundance of slapstick humour displayed all over the place, and in many cases at the wrong timing, made me realise that this anime doesn't really take itself seriously.

This just makes me not want to take the show seriously as well. It’s good for laughs and all that, almost toeing the line of parody, but in terms of the show developing into something of substance... I’m just not feeling it. Not really a good start for the anime if you’re hoping for a more serious sort of production. But if you’re in it for the comedy, then maybe it’ll be a good series for you to take note of.

Overall, the first episode failed to capture the actual mood that will set the tone for the whole series. Well. Unless it really is supposed to be a comedy. Perhaps it’s because I read the plot first before I watched it and that was a wrong move on my part because now I’m sort of expecting at least a modicum of seriousness and something more that might appeal to my intellectual side. 

Don’t get me wrong. Humour is all fine and dandy, but only if it’s injected at the right moments. Like I've said before, there’s just too much of slapstick going on in the first episode to make it anything more than just an all out comedy show.

At the very least, they did good with the fighting scene. Very nicely executed. Plus, the characters are definitely good-looking and having eye candy is always a good thing in my book. I’m not sure if there’s going to be any BL (Boy Love) elements in this show but from the first episode as well as the opening song, there are a couple of homoerotic poses.

Oohh... bay-beh...

It’s probably nothing. Just the usual dose of your typical shoujo anime that counts as fanservice. That's actually... good for me. I'm definitely up for that. Hah.

All in all, it's really too early to tell what sort of direction this series will take, what with the mixed signals and all. But even if the show continues with the exaggerated humour, I think I'll be watching this. After all, too much of serious shows will make me a dull otaku. And we certainly wouldn't want that.

Written by Devilicious

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