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AVCon 2017: Adelaide

Hello my nuggets!

This post is (as usual) overdue and for four months this time.. (இдஇ; )

But anyway! I attended AVCon in Adelaide back in July, and it was pretty nice! Adelaide is a pretty small city so I don't think they have many large events compared to the larger cities. They had an area for 'official' booths, and another for the artists' lane! I did get some merch but not as much as I'd like due to a tight budget. 

This was the internal booth areas! The walking space was huge, so no bumping around even if you had on a super bulky cosplay! To be honest, the merch wasn't all that spectacular, it took much walking until I finally saw something I liked. It wasn't all Japanese centered too, many booths had Supernatural, Teen Wolf, and the likes. 

They had a maid cafe too! 

This was the Artists' Alley!! There were so many cute things!! I saw so many things I wanted to buy but it would have been a hassle transporting back to Singapore, not to mention being on a budget was super painful.. The artists were super friendly and really sweet to let me take photos too! I didn't get much photos because most of the booths were pretty packed, but there were definitely many more booths than what I've pictured! 

Look at these though!! They were quite costly, but it's worth it!! I already have something similar, but the one I've bought before was the all glass version with a Pokemon suspended in the center. It lights up too! I've been meaning to do a quick post on that but it'll have to wait till I get back.. 

There was also the Cosplay Competition, several Anime Screenings, and many Panels to attend, but I decided to walk around instead, so I missed those. I did however, get some pictures of the cosplayers! Most of them were in the Panels I think, so I didn't get that many, but it's alright. 

It was pretty awkward because the ones that were roaming around were mostly taken by professional photographers but they were still really sweet to stop and let me get a quick snap with my phone! The quality of my photos are pretty shitty, to be honest, since the hall was huge and the light was everywhere and I'm a terrible person to not have brought an actual camera. But I hope you'll still enjoy the photos!!

This pair was by far my favorite!! They were actually resting on the bench behind and I initially didn't want to disturb them BUT I HAD TO, THEY WERE TOO ADORABLE. They had a Pokemon backpack too which I got a snap of, but it has somehow disappeared off my storage card? Ugh. 

Some Kuroshitsuji + a Sakura!! I also saw the alice in wonderland Ciel but we nyoomed past each other too fast. 

I swear I had many more photos but I keep losing them? I remember having a whole group of BNHA cosers but they're gone and all I had left were these two uggggh. But either was it was still really cute! I originally did not notice they had an Aizawa with them because he was wearing shades until I spotted the sleeping bag! Also we were on opposite directions of the escalator when I spotted the Shinsou and they were so nice to wait for me to climb back up to the second floor! ( ˘͈ ᵕ ˘͈♡)

Here are some random ones but aren't they amazing! The Minami coser was actually in the midst of having their meal but still posed for me anyway :') Most of these were snapped real quickly because the cosers were in the middle of something but thank you guys for stopping!! (ㅅ´ ˘ `)

Some of these costumes are really at the next level man, look at the amount of detail on the horned pair!!! The lighting was the worst on that photo and I really wished I got a better one but their costume was A** Sigh, all these cosers are really too adorable!! The IwaOi pair were hilarious! When I asked for a photo Iwa-chan asked Oikawa what expressions Iwa-chan usually make. They ended up giggling but no matter!! They're still cute!! ✧*。٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و✧*。

Tadah~ The HTTYD one was super effort!! Office rolly chairs were used to construct the dragons so it was easier to move them around! I think the cosers were able to sit on the dragons too!! The dinosaurs were a good laugh, they kept bumping into everything. 

These are the last two I have!! The Mustang one was taken just as I was leaving the convention! I also saw some Edwards cosplayers but missed them. All in all AVCon was fun, though the lack of funds to buy merch was a little frustrating. I really wanted to support the artists.. If you guys are ever in the area during AVCon, I would definitely recommend you guys to attend!

For now, nerd out!

Written by: ninetylives

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