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Four-Panel Love: K-ON!

Tsumugi, Azusa, Yui, Mio & Ritsu!

I don't play a musical instrument, but I've always been intrigued by people who do. I don't have an inclination though to pick one up, not even in my fantasies. But I would love to be the emcee for After School Teatime's concert. Yeah, this is all about the fabulously talented, sweet yet cool, eccentric and [insert an adjective here] K-ON!! Mio's cute underpants not included (unless some readers want a separate write-up on that).


I was first drawn to the manga that were feeling so lonely (?) on one of the top shelves in Kinokuniya. Unlike the standard tankobon, the K-ON! franchise was published in a bigger format. I noticed the bold, colourful (and of course cute) pictures on the front and back covers, and a little voice in my head told me that I should buy the entire set or I would regret for the rest of my life. By then, the translated version of K-ON! College was already available. So I walked round and round (?) the bookstore for quite a while before I finally acknowledged the little voice in my head and proceeded with the purchase.

After School Teatime! <3

Some time after, I began watching the anime adaptation and I was drawn towards some things as well. They might not be the typical things that most fans would love (let's just assume since I don't go around traumatising the public for information) but it would be nice to validate their existence (?). The funny bone (I know it belongs to the elbow but let me borrow it) never fails to tremble with these things.

From the anime:

♪ The 360-degree turn around the music room as the first line of 'Go! Go! Maniac' begins.
'Go! Go! Maniac' is the first opening theme song for the second season of the anime. I think that the merry-go-round feel around the music room with the girls playing on their musical instruments really gets the blood circulating and the limbs tapping.


♪ Satoshi spluttering on his drink after Ritsu told him about her role as Juliet. (Season 2, Episode 18)
Satoshi is Ritsu's younger brother, and the incident happened when Mio and Ritsu were on their way to Ritsu's room to rehearse their parts. Satoshi asked his sister which role she was playing, and her embarrassed response was promptly countered with Satoshi wasting bits of his soda before laughing out loud in disbelief.

And now, some hilarious moments from the manga:

♪ Yui sneezing in response to whether she had recovered from her cold. (Volume 2, page 86)
While it's not the most hygienic way of answering somebody's question, I feel that it's definitely the most comical. Strangely, all that mucus didn't even splatter onto Tsumugi for a bit (considering how close she was standing beside Ritsu)!

♪ Yui drooling onto Akira's blazer while dozing off during the school opening ceremony. (K-ON! College, page 13)
Akira is one of the newest characters introduced in K-ON! College, and one-third of the band OnNaGumi. She was (un)lucky enough to sit next to Yui, who had decided that the best way to forge a new friendship was to leave a mark onto somebody else's blazer.

♪ Jun pouting and threatening to go home when Azusa and Ui were too immersed in their conversation at the cafe. (K-ON! high school, page 8)
The three girls were sort of discussing the future of the light music club after their seniors had moved on to college. Towards the end, Jun thought that they were finally done and she was getting ready to go elsewhere (presumably for window shopping), but when she realised that Azusa and Ui were still blabbering away, she got upset and the other two tried to calm her down.

There are speculations of a third season of the anime going around. Hopefully, there will be a continuation. I would so love to exploit...I mean, explore the college lives of After School Teatime, and the re-grouping of existing and new members (Wakaba Girls) back in Sakuragaoka High School.

Wakaba Girls!

K-ON! fans, who is your favourite character? Mine's...Ui, I think.

Don't think, just choose me! <3

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep  

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