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Figure Unboxing and Review: Ononoki Yotsugi (Good Smile Company)

Another figure from Monogatari Series makes it to the production phase and it's Ononoki Yotsugi. And although I do like Yotsugi and the whole Monogatari Series, I think this might be the last figure I get from the series, save for Hanekawa, Senjougahara and Tsukihi... because I can't keep up with all the Shinobu they are releasing out of nowhere! 

But that is a story for another time, for now, let's start on the review for Yotsugi!

The colours on Yotsugi's box is very vibrant and brings out the style of colouring in the series. In addition, different views of Yotsugi is on both the front and back of the box. This figure is that of her on the blu-ray disc jacket, where she is in a crane game machine.
This is Yotsugi in the blister. She doesn't come with much except herself, her hat, her base+throne, and a red pillow.

Do note that she comes with an instruction sheet in both Japanese and English if you require help in assembling her!
Just like in crane games, we have a whole array of stuffed toys to be won, and we even see the chute (which the snake is resting on).

There are different elements that symbolizes different characters, such as the crab for Hitagi and the bee for Karen. This is overall, a very good touch, in my opinion!

There are also dips in the ring of stuffed toys were Yotsugi's feet are supposed to rest on, but there are absolutely no pegs to hold her in place. The 4 pegs you see are solely for sliding the throne into place.
Do note however that the bottom of the base is just a simple white circle and if you really do dislike that plainness, putting her on a high shelf would not be ideal.

The second and other important part to this would be the throne itself which Yotsugi sits on. There is a slight gap behind her, which you can slide the pillow into, but she can stay in position even without it. However, she doesn't have any pegs connecting her to any part of the base so be sure to exercise caution when moving her about.

The front of the throne shows this motif of moon and stars, perhaps linking to Yotsugi's "dark" nature as a familiar. There is also a slight gradient of yellow near the moon, to the red of the throne.

The sides and top of the throne also feature some sort of "crumbling" of the stone. This crumbling effect is done very artistically and actually rather accurate. Some darker grey have also been added to create the dirty unused look as well as tfor shading.
And similar to the base, the back of the throne is simply a rather smooth white/grey slab, which you'll probably never want to display it facing you.

The Figure
Do note that this Yotsugi is the deluxe version and if you got the standard version, it comes without the stuffed toys and the base would be this blue dome instead. All in all, I do feel that the she looks a little weird in the standard version and if you'll like to get this figure of her, this deluxe version is a much better choice.

Let's take all the points I've mentioned before into account and do a 360 of her.

Now let's look at Yotsugi in greater detail.
Her frilly outfit is on point with its poofy sleeves and creases, and you see the vibrant colours on her three-layer dress and it even ends off with a dip of the fabric between her legs so you get zero lewdness from this figure.

There's little shading on the reds and oranges of her outfit but a whole lot on the white ruffles on her chest, which makes it stand out a lot. Personally, I felt that this could have been more well-balanced.

Her stockings are also accurate but they appear to just be painted onto her legs. A little more effort could have went into making it look like a layer on her legs instead.

On the other hand, her rain boots are really well done. They are adequately creased and shaded and there's a shine to them as well.
Yotsugi's hat is magnetic and it stays right on her head. The strange "eyes" on them is exactly the same as depicted in the anime and as this is one of her trademark features, it's definitely a plus for me.

In addition, she is holding an origami crane which is folded (sculpted) to perfection! All the edges are crisp and it is completely white, which adds a contrast to the excessive red tones in the figure.

Behind Yotsugi you will also see a pillow. This pillow should be directly behind her, but as I mentioned before, she holds her pose even without the pillow and I am someone who likes to display as much of a figure as I can so I've taken the liberty to display the pillow beside her instead.
Another minor point is that her dress has been completely flat under her so she can be kept in place. There are some creases sculpted as well, to give the impression that she is actually really sitting on her dress. Considering the state of the bottom of the base and back of her chair I was actually pleasantly surprised they took the effort to do this!

Enjoyment 7/10

~ Reina-rin

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