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Spring is in the air...

Yo minna, Ohayo! Konnichiwa! Konbanwa!

How are you all doing this spring? Did you guys enjoy the anime that came out the previous season as quite a few ended quite recently. I enjoyed a few while some were letdowns. I am talking to you Madhouse! Why did you make "Mahou Sensou" like that? That ending was total crap. 

What is with that ending?!

It was a waste of my time with an adaptation like that. I stayed through it, through those 12 episodes thinking that it might get better but... You let me and a lot others down. The only thing that I enjoyed was rocking out to nano singing "Born to Be" at the ending. Though, I am still thinking whether I was enjoying the ending song or rejoicing over the fact that it is over. But... I'll forgive you for now as you adapted a novel I enjoyed reading.

Thanks for making it pass that prologue. Now, let us begin. Welcome to my view on this season's anime. This came quite late as I have been terribly sick and I currently still haven't recover. I'll try to go through the anime that I will probably enjoy, except for anime pertaining cards, so bear with me if I missed any which you like (Either I seriously missed it or because I dropped it as I don't like it or the genre turns me off, take your pick. Haha!). One last thing before I begin. If I offend anyone who likes the anime in my views, don't take it personally. It is my opinion on it and opinions may change. MAY change... Then, let's get busy.

Oh, and I am referring to the list in so you can refer to it(if you want) as you read. Just drag it out to another browser and you'll be fine. Remember, the views are only of those anime I fancy, so don't cry if you don't see ones you want. This may also serve as a not-so-massive spoiler if you guys haven't watch the anime so you have been warned.

First, Akuma no Riddle. At first glance, I thought it might be another "Phi Brain" anime but no. It is gives of more of  a murder-ish, dark feel. Well, the story follows a transfer student, whom I thought was a dude at first as with the blue hair and not so obvious mound on the chest, who transferred to a private girls school where 11 other assassins, other than herself, are targeting one girl in the class. You don't see much male characters here and halfway through watching the first episode I thought it might turn Yuri. The anime is okay for now(since I learned from past mistakes) but I won't follow it as it doesn't interest me that much. Though, if it gains some popularity then I might marathon it once it's nearing its end.

Next is Black Bullet. They provide a brief backstory at the beginning of the main protagonist, Satomi Rentarou, followed by a nice opening song by Fripside. They then introduced the antagonist of the show in  quite a fashionable way (Blood and all). But what reeled me in was when they introduce Aihara Enju. Ah, kawaii! A loli appeared! Plus, she has insane strength and a very interesting history. Oh, just so we’re clear, I am not a lolicon… I think. 

Still not a lolicon... I just like the archetype. Don't report me...

But what I can admit is that I am a sucker for quite a few archetypes. Complex interest that I have isn’t it? Anyway, the story reminds me of Hidan no Aria and To Aru Kagaku no Railgun in a way(not referring to Fripside singing the opening). Great show in total, just watched the second episode and Enju’s history was touch on a bit. I can’t wait for the next episode next week as something interesting is going to happen I presume. Anyway, moving on.

Next is Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou. When I heard the title at first, I thought the story might have something to do with pitying people since there was “kawaisou”. But it turns out to be an anime about the tenants at Kawai Complex. The characters introduced have unique personality which livens the mood of the anime when they appear. I especially like the landlady, Sumiko-san. She is so cute. She interacts will the tenants so well and you could see that she cares for the tenants like they’re her own children when she change the menu for dinner from fish to oyakodon so as to comfort Mayumi who has her heart broken. It is a unique "slice of life”(can I call it slice of life?) show which makes me laugh with their antics. It helps to calm down the mood from an action anime to an easygoing one.

Following that is Captain Earth. The anime is so cool, the animation is nice and the music is pleasant to my ears. The anime follows Manatsu Daichi in his high school years. They do make quite a few flashbacks so as to fill in on what happened in the past like his father’s death. He still questions whether his father’s death in space(His father is an astronaut) was an accident. His mother doesn’t appear in the anime other than just a photograph of her. He lives with his guardian who seems to have a relationship with his father. They introduce quite a few characters in the first episode like potential love interest and friends with  mysterious background(referring to Arashi Teppei and the likes). The anime sort of reminds me of Gurren Lagann because of the Earth Engine Impacter and also Eureka Seven due to the rainbow. 

Gurren Lagann or Earth Engine Impacter?

Quite a wonderful first episode though there were some lines in the anime that feels forced so that the story can move on. Other than that, a must watch this season.

Next is Date A Live II, an anime that I have been waiting for to air. They began the anime like how they began it in the first season just without the female narrator’s voice but instead Itsuka Shidou monologuing about the first space quake happening in Eurasia. Then it was followed by the daily lives in the Itsuka household where Tohka and Yoshino’s power go out of control. But for some reason, Kotori seems to be a lot more taller. Growth spurt maybe? The episode mainly shows the relationship that has been establish in Date A Live so there isn’t much to expect. But they did introduce a few new characters like the head of DEM, Westcott and Elen Mira Mathers, greatest wizard in history (Obvious antagonist and potential threats). But the second season may lack the excitement for me as I spoiled myself by reading the light novel. But at least I don’t need to imagine it anymore. But the only disadvantage is that I have to wait for the episodes to come out weekly. The ending song, I presume, sounds nice. It fits the anime well and probably reflects what is going to happen later in the episodes to come. 

A hint to those who haven't or won't read the novel... Sandalphon and Shidou. Hmm...

Now then, onto another anime with a second season.

How many of you here like Fairy Tail? Guess what? The second season is here! Though, you don’t really need to guess it as it has been around the web. With that abrupt ending of the first season and the apocalyptic premonition as to what is going to happen to them, it would suck if there was no second season(I was actually kind of happy when Fairy Tail ended. Tee her ;P). The story begins epically, with the apocalyptic world in flames and dragons flying and towering above. What a beautiful beginning. The Natsu appeared just in time to eat the fireb- I mean… Save Lucy from being engulfed in flames. All was normal and happy(I guess) when the story took a turn when the master of Sabertooth killed(?) Lector, Sting’s exceed.  Well, you can guess what happened next. I have read the manga for Fairy Tail so I vaguely know what happened, but I don’t follow it closely though. Well here’s to another 200 or so episodes. Haiz…

Up next is Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka? I guess this would be considered one of the moe anime this season. I can’t say much about this anime as I was so captivated by the cuteness of the characters. Kidding, I am just exaggerating the truth. It reminds me of Kiniro Mosaic which I heard rumours that there might be a second season. I didn’t pay much attention to the story but there are something that I caught. Main character works part time at the cafe called “Rabbit House”, the senior part-timer at work looks fit for army, Chino is super kawaii and her grandfather is a rabbit. That last one still need some processing and I wonder what the story behind it is.

Chino-chan, can I get a cappuccino?

The next anime I didn’t really know what to expect. Gokukoku no Brynhildr… What the hell does it even mean. The anime to me seems to be a bit quite boring. Heck, all anime these days seems to be boring(Just Kidding!). The story started off nicely with a flashback of the protagonist’s friend’s death but then it got boring after the opening. Well, not all that boring. Sure there are some poltergeist events here and there where someone was supposed to die but the flow was a bit off. Maybe it’s just me. It might need some time to for me to absorb what was shown. I’ll give it time but I cannot guarantee whether I’ll stay with it till the end.

Hitsugi no Chaika is the next anime I’ll be viewing. The opening theme for the anime looks so nice even though the song was not enjoyable. It may grow on me after a few more episodes. The main protagonist who I presume is Chaika Gaz, meets Toru Acura in the mountains where he was foraging for edible plants while she, on the other hand, was lost. After talking for a while, they got attacked by a unicorn that looks horrifying and was later blown to bits(or split in half) by Chaika’s magical gun. That death sequence, particularly the explosion, was awesome. When Akari showed up, I thought she was his girlfriend or his wife but then I realised that he looks too young to be married but their world might be different. But I then I realised my thought process was for nothing as it turns out to be his sister, younger sister. The antics between the siblings are so absurd. Seriously stupid but funny. 

This is...

seriously stupid...

I even thought it might be an error in translation but no, I just couldn’t get it. Oh, and I forgot to add on how cute Chaika is. The ways she talks and her expressions, I can’t get enough of it.

Next is Isshuukan Friends. I thought that this anime may be those 3-5 minutes shorts but it is a full anime episode. I read the manga so I’ve been spoiled of the story but there isn’t much to go with as there aren’t much manga chapters for it. I seriously wonder how they are going to keep this anime going with little source material. The animation is actually quite nice and it fits the anime to a tee. The anime reminded me of something I came across before but I just can’t put my finger on it. I like the story as it shows the hardships of making friends and it is quite touching as well. Now I have to wait for the episodes to come out every week(Like all the anime in the world). Did you guys get it? Isshuukan Friends means One Week Friends and  I said every week. You see the pun. Never mind.

The following view will be about Kanojo ga Flag wo Oraretara. The anime begins of very cool like with the serious atmosphere it puts up but it turns out to be another anime like Kotoura-san where they begin so gloomy but then it took a turn to a happy go lucky somewhat. Very misleading. The female character, Nanami Knight Braidfield’s voice reminded me of Saber from Fate/Extra. Not really an anime that I would look forward to every week. Next!

Following that is Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei, an anime that I‘ve been waiting to be serialised ever since I read the novel. And yes, that means I’ve been spoiled of the story. Also, I was referring to this anime in the prologue. The opening song for this is freaking awesome. It’s called “Rising Hope” by LiSA. Besides that,  the story was quite slow and boring as there weren’t much action except for hints of the main protagonist being too OP(over-powered). There are more action scenes during the following episodes and on the second episode, you can clearly see that he is seriously OP, maybe even rivalling Kirito for SAO. And I can’t lie that though out the anime I was expecting something incest to appear(similar to SAO). The anime was basically screaming incest when both Shiba Tatsuya and Shiba Miyuki was on screen. 

Incest incoming...

I just hope they don’t repeat what they did with Mahou Sensou or else a lot of people will be extremely disappointed with MadHouse. But what I can tell you is that the anime is worth watching.

Mekaku City Actors anime greatly reminded me of Monogatari Series because of the animation. I can tell you this, the anime is going to be confusing. I read the manga itself(spoiled again), “Kagerou Days”, and I don’t understand much of the story. What got me interested to it at first was that I heard it has something to do with Vocaloids(love me some Vocaloids) but I stuck to it due to its unique characters. Each characters has their own unique power but they all have the same trait that defines their power. Whenever in use, their eyes will turn red. The background for each characters is complicated as (SPOILERS) the members of the Mekakushi Dan died before being revive by a snake. That’s all I can say for now as I am still in the midst of figuring out the anime. Though one of the characters, Ene, looks like Hatsune Miku. 

I'm watching you through your screen

The next round of views is about No Game No Life. This is another anime adapted by MadHouse which gives them kind of a back-up just in case the other fails. Unless this one fails as well, which I highly doubt so as so far the anime is great. It’s funny, cool and somewhat ecchi(not really somewhat). This anime is also something that I looked forward to watching this season and yes, I have read the manga, which is like 7 chapters now. But I am spoiled further than that as I read the novel, which I enjoyed. The opening song for this anime is damn awesome. I kept replaying it every time I re-watch the anime. A few reasons I watch  this anime were because of the characters’ unique personality, Shiro’s godly cuteness and Stephanie’s “desuwa”. I love this anime!

Hnngg~ Hai, ganbarimasu!

Up next is Ryuugajou Nanana no Maizoukin. This is anime kind of rose to the top of my list of anime to watch this season. It begins epically giving of an “Indiana Jones” feel to it. The animation sequence during this part kind of makes Nanana looks like her legs are having a fit when she is running. 

Nanana nananana~ 

The opening song is nice but the animation sequence for it still bugs me though. Does it fit or not I don’t know but, it just seems out of place. The first episode though has quite a lot going on. Yama Juugo goes to Nanae Island and lives there, meets a ghost in his apartment room, broke his arm by a fight with the ghost and the story ends off with a brief glimpse of new characters. I wonder what other surprises are in store with the next episode.

Seikoku no Dragonar is an anime that I didn’t expect to be adapted. It’s not like I hate it, it’s just that I don’t particularly have an interest in but it looks okay for now. The designs are nice and it has a good flow. I don’t have any expectations for it yet so just keep the episodes coming.

Sidonia no Kishi is one anime that I have been looking forward to as a Singaporean is voice acting in it. Her name is Charmaine Tan and she voices Takahashi which is an aide controller. I was very astonished when I listened in on her voice acting in the anime. She sounded like a Japanese. I replayed a lot of times just in case I was hearing wrongly and I went online to check whether it is actually her. 


Anyway, the anime seem dull at first as I didn’t really get what was going on but it got some action in the end and the following episode. I am actually looking forward to the next episode even though the character design reminds me of Aku no Hana’s.

Well, that’s all of the anime that I am watching this season. Actually there’s a few more that I am watching but I watch it as a side or when there is nothing to watch. Well that’s it for me. 

Written by Zwei

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