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3DS: Pokemon Y

Hello my fellow nerds!

What's ticking? 

So I recently saved up enough to buy my very own 3DS XL, and I also got Pokemon Y to go along with it. So here's my review (sorta!) on both the 3DS and Pokemon Y. 

(if you want a general overview of pokemon xy, click here)

Japan's limited edition! I really wanted to get this. 

First off, as y'all know, the 3DS comes in the normal version, as well as the XL version, which is obviously bigger. It also comes in several colors as well as in limited editions, but honestly? I think the normal colored ones are perfectly fine. I mean, why pay so much more extra when it doesn't affect gameplay? After much deliberation while I saved up, I decided to get the XL in matte black.


Why? Well, my favourite color is black, and to me, the bigger the screen the better. But of course, if you prefer less bulky devices, the normal sized 3DS would be a much better choice. 

I also got the matte black because it apparently doesn't get smudged with fingerprints, but let me just say the correct term would be less smudged, because my 3DS did not survive my sweaty fingers. Fixed that problem by getting a hard cover case for it though. I would definitely recommend getting the hard cover casing if you like to play while you're on the go. Or, if like me, you like to keep everything sparkling new. 

So. Pokemon Y. 

I was seriously contemplating forgoing Y and getting Monster Hunter instead, but in the end I gave in to my inner screaming child and got Y instead. I think I haven't missed playing a single Pokemon game. Or at least one side of every released pair. 

So, as the game starts up, oohlala~ What's this? A super duper handsome Professor? Hot damn. I'm going to confess that I did not smash the A button as fast as I usually would have. 

But yes, Prof Scyamore aside, you get to customize your very own look! Alright, fine, it's not as much of a variety as I would have liked, but I'll take what I can get. As you progress through the game, you also get to change your eye color, as well as purchase clothes. A lil warning though, I'm about halfway through the game, and there's once again not that much of a variety. The designs change everyday, but I suppose the choices you have are more towards the color of the clothes than the designs.

(I can't find a full photo, so here's a link instead!)

 I can't say much for the male apparels, since I picked the female character. I do wish that as you pass more boutiques, your counterpart will change outfits as well. I am so bored of seeing my somewhat gorgeous neighbor in such dreadful clothes (sigh). 

While we're the topic of gorgeousness, let me just say that the trainer character designs are absolutely stunning. I'm 100% serious. Almost all of them look so insanely gorgeous, and there's a huge variety to eyecandy from! 

Do you like fit tanned men with a bit of an unruly messy side? Then the Backpacker is for you!

How about long haired males with sharp features and a super mysterious aura to boot? Well look what we have here, a Psychic! 

Or, a somewhat 'aristocratic' arrogant trainer who believes he's the best? I have what you're looking for: an Ace Trainer~

There is also a large selection of females, if that's what you prefer. Hmm, let's see. Are you looking for a preppy, young, and hyper enthusiastic girl? Then the Lass is just up your alley!

Or how about someone more edgy, with a bad girl vibe? If that's your type, we have it! Here's the Punk you were looking for~

Ehh, alright alright, we still have plenty more to choose from, but if you dig the sophisticated mature ladies, how about the Veteran?

(You can find all the trainer photos online~ I'm just picking a few.)

I sound like a matchmaker, but you get my point. Right, trainers aside, I would say that the gameplay is much easier now. Leveling up my team is way faster in Y. I didn't even have to buff them up in the grass. As long as you don't skip a single trainer you come across, I'd say you're pretty set. The Exp. Share now splits your experience between all the members of your team, so that adds on to the easiness.

Also, another way to get leveled up really fast is to play the Pokemon Amie. It's a new feature that makes use of the touch screen to pet, feed, and play with your pokemon. There are three categories to fill up, the affection bar, the fullness bar, and the entertainment bar.

if you poke them/ pet the wrong area, they do get annoyed
try touching pikachu's cheeks!
The main point here would be the affection bar, because while the fullness and entertainment bar fluctuates, the affection will (probably) never decrease. The affection bar is also important because you will need full affection to evolve certain pokemon, like an Eevee to a Sylveon.

Other than just evolving pokemon, the affection level is also hella awesome because your team gets boosted experience points, and once you've hit the full affection status, your pokemon will have a higher critical rate, and will sometimes survive a painful attack. If that's not cool enough, your team will sometimes heal themselves of status afflictions as well.

Overall it's really cute because it adds a touch of reality to a virtual game. You can also pet them after a battle, to encourage them. Ain't it hella rad?? Only downside is that it takes quite a while to max all your six pokemon. ):

The mega ring and mega stone is also a large feature, but I find it pretty pointless. In any case, here are the different designs of the mega ring.

With such additions to the game, it lengths the gameplay, which I find is more worth the money. While I normally finish the other versions in a few days, I'm only about half - three quarters way though Y? And that is playing through my weekends with very little sleep.

The storyline is pretty okay too, it gets a little overused with the bad guys making use of the legendary pokemon, but what else can they do? The legendary catch rate is pretty high as well, it only took me three ultra balls at red health for me to catch Y.  Also, apparently if it faints it will simply heal itself, so no worries about accidentally knocking if out. 

Oh another really cool thing, the houses in every town has a different layout and a different vibe, which is insanely awesome, especially to me, since I come from an architecture course. And given that it's in 3D and high res, the interior is doubly cool. I think the BlackWhite versions also had different building designs for each town, but XY wins hands down. The landscape and basically everything else is super duper awesome, from the swamps to the mountains, to the snow, the waterfalls!! The towns are also planned out really nicely. Gorgeous. 

Okay, so talking about towns, we're going to move on to transportation. There's the usual walking, which is definitely faster than the walking speed of the older versions, and there's the running. Running comes default now, so no need for running shoes. Instead, you're given the roller skates, which will activate automatically when you move using the circle pad. There's also the bike which you will get mid game, but I'd say the speed is pretty close to the skates. The skates let you move in a more unhinged way, but the bike keeps to the grid. The skates are also really rad because you get to learn new tricks when you talk to random skaters in different towns. There's the backflip when you jump over a ledge, for instance. You'll need to have speed for that to activate though, if not it's a normal jump.

you can ride pokemon too~

Ahh, there's so many other cool stuff but I will probably never be able to end off the post like that. ): How are you guys finding XY? Also they just released a new revamped translucent 2DS? Did they? Or are my sources wrong.. I'll find out and let you guys know!

Nerd out!

Written by: ninetylives 

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