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Tokyo Noodle, Shiroi Koibito and Tochiotome

Hello readers. We are fast approaching the Singapore Toy, Game and Comic Convention due to open this coming weekend. How time flies! Before that however, there is a little something which will hit the shores in merely a few days. Okay, maybe it is not that little to begin with. Oh, the wilderness has just released its circus of monkeys into the open for a week or so. Well, it was supposedly ten days but three days had passed since then. Anyway, this will be a busy week. Replenish your body with more water or any type of drink that you truly fancy. Buckle those seatbelts tightly. Ready to take on those bullets? Wait, you need a bulletproof vest? Will a stainless steel pot cover do?

Anyway, would you like a piece of Tokyo Noodle? I just had some for supper last night. Tokyo Noodle comes in a neat, fitting pack of four mini noodle cakes. I stumbled upon this at a wonderful budget store while cracking my brains over munchies and such. I badly needed some form of comfort after a lousy day. This gorgeous invention made a dive into my heart just when I was struggling between some brand of shio ramen and some other brand of miso ramen. Don't get me started on the rest. Trivial shopping isn't necessarily trivial all the time.

There are two ways of indulging in Tokyo Noodle. The first is just straight out of the pack, like those nostalgic childhood noodle snacks. The downside however, is that if your palate is considerably weak against the seasoning (the noodle cakes are pre-seasoned) which is surprisingly a little overwhelming for mine, you may wish to opt for the noodle in mug method. Just crack the noodle cake a little, put everything into a cup, add about 200cc of hot water, and wait. The best part is that the chicken flavour from the noodle will infuse the liquid to become yummy chicken stock! Hence, no other seasoning is required. Supper last night was my first ever attempt. The chicken stock was absolutely refreshing.

I know that I would probably come across as a country bumpkin marvelling at things like that, but there is more quite unfortunately. On the same (lousy) day, I was treated to Shiroi Koibito, or White Lover! Now, I have always, always wanted to sink my teeth into one of these little chocolate-filled cookies known as langue de chat or cat tongues. Shiroi Koibito hails from Ishiya Seika, a confectionery maker in Sapporo, Hokkaido. I first heard about these cookies years ago, but it wasn't so much on the taste but rather just how pricey a small box could be once imported. Yeah, Shiroi Koibito is still quite expensive these days. Taste wise, the one I had was filled with milk chocolate (I think) which was [expletive removed] heavenly. I believe that I can finish off an entire box on my own.  

Anybody fancies some Tochiotome strawberries? While I didn't exactly have any, I did however try the latest Tochiotome Chococro from my favourite haunt, Saint Marc Cafe. It is a seasonal item apparently, though I have no idea for how long. My eccentric palate seems to be easily prone to falling for such lovelies. Tochiotome goes really well with Matcha Latte (in my opinion), and one can easily forget about troubling things in the midst of such a wonderful, perfect indulgence. Well, I suppose that I could find the actual Tochiotome strawberries in the Japanese supermarket one of these days.

Hmm, I think that I should have the remaining Tokyo Noodle for brunch. Bon appetit!

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪

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