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A Love Letter (Kind Of)

Dear Hime-chan,

When you first breezed along the grounds of Hiiragi High School Academy, like a straight bolt through the heart I couldn't contain my instantaneous love for you. I wish I was living inside your world, even if it was merely a chapter or two I would die a happy man. Then again, it wasn't just your presence; I could relate to your aspiration to become a professional voice actor. I have this unfulfilled dream of becoming a radio presenter. Through your world, I've been able to heal some of the emotional scars that were entwined in my heart. For as long as I can remember, I had seeked comfort just by flipping the pages. Whenever you had to deal with some tough situation, I felt as though I was fighting alongside you. The second you broke into a smile or wept tears of joy, I wished I was there to give you a hug. You've got no idea the effect your world has upon me.

Seiyuu ka! Traditional Chinese edition :)
Your maker did such an awesome job to bring your world and others' to life. I applaud Maki-sensei for her intricate talent. The comics were simply too hard to put down! When I realised that your story had come to an end with the 12th volume, I suffered from severe withdrawal symptoms. I just refused to believe that was it. I took quite a while to recover, and as I gradually composed myself I was reminded of a saying: Every end is a new beginning. For the readers and people who adore you, the end of your story is the beginning of theirs. Even though I've yet to realise my ultimate dream, I've already started on my side stories.

Hime-chan & Senri :)
I wish I could tell you about Senri, but I suppose certain things would be better left unsaid. Besides, you and Senri finally got together. Poor Mizuki. Perhaps in the alternate universe, he might stand a bigger chance of courting you. Anyway, friends are just as important. I like the friendships between you, Tsukino, Shou, Mitchi and Ume. Nothing beats quality time with loved ones!

Say, how did you even manage that much of omu rice without puking? Too much of certain things isn't really good. Right now, I'm trying to refrain from attacking every curry rice dish this side of Earth. The mission isn't progressing favourably, because I just had some not-so-delicious-but-still-edible tempura curry don somewhere. Anyway, my heart was racing along with yours and Senri's each time he had Shiro-chan over. I do think Senri is a kind-hearted man whose perceptions of the world around him was (un)fortunately blemished by his mother Sakura. Don't be mistaken, I'm not belittling Sakura's talent because I know how impactful she's been in your life. But seeing how indifferent Senri felt towards his mother made me sort of sympathise with what he had to deal with on his own. But you did a wonderful job freeing the knots in Senri's heart.

Lovey-dovey at last! :D
It had never occurred to me that one day I would be so inspired and encouraged by a manga character. It's difficult to properly express my love for you. I'm certain there are many others out there who are drawn to your story because it mirrors a lot of what they have been through. The path ahead is still pretty vague, but I'm not alone on my journey. I've got my family and friends.

And YOU. Thank you.

Eccentrically Yours.

P.S. I'm praying that one day your world would get greenlit for an anime adaptation. I believe it would be fun and refreshing to watch an anime on seiyuus.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪

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