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Odds and Ends

The weekend had been rather insane, although I wouldn't have imagined otherwise with the ends of the holidays for a lot of people dying to squeeze in some fun before resuming their diligent lives. I opted out for a couple of gatherings of sorts as I was feeling quite lethargic under this dumb weather. Then, I saw others having an awesome time but all I felt were anything but sheer envy. I resembled a slug slithering along an enormous pillow. Okay, I really need new metaphors for myself. Summer is coming, but I'm honestly still quite stranded in whatever that is drifting beneath my legs. I would like to think that I have a few backlogs to cushion my insecurities due to high depletion of brain juices. Yeah, even the dangling odd one or two should suffice.

The recent episode of Re-Kan! had me reminiscing a little about friendship and connections with people be them physically, emotionally or anything in between. Hibiki's struggles left quite an intense note on one who by large had to face several problems in a similar capacity. I could relate to the fear of losing that connection which wouldn't have evolved if there hadn't been a catalyst. The many friendships that were forged with some difficulty at least in Hibiki's context became tested when a sudden disorder threatened to break the foundations. Even though the situation involved the supernatural which would pretty much intimidate most people, the unconditional love and gratitude that had stemmed from Hibiki's own selfless efforts in helping others finally convinced her the bottom line of a mere connection with someone.

Back at Kitauji High School, the conclusion of the second audition between Reina and Kaori didn't throw me off-guard. Like Kumiko, I have a lot of faith in Reina and her undisputed talent in the trumpet. Well, the only difference would probably be the fiery sparks underlying and otherwise. Witnessing the trials and tribulations of the ensemble had allowed me to resolve a little of my own struggles in music in a much fairer light. Well, I used to take singing lessons. However, I have never felt inclined to pick up a musical instrument. I would rather appreciate others in that aspect. Oh, thanks to the anime I had finally found out the name of my favourite instrumental piece. Can-Can! I mean, this song would play from time to time, but until recently I still had no idea what it is called. It was featured towards the end of the first episode.

Anybody fancies Hiroyuki from The Comic Artist and His Assistants? It has been a while since I last mentioned his brilliant work. Apparently, I have completely ignored another manga of his which is four-panel (yay!), randomness at large (double yay!) and features eccentric characters (yay yay yay!). The title however hits like needles on an eyeball. Aho Girl or simply Stupid Girl. No offence to anybody in particular though. Anyway, to rub salt onto the wounds (?), there is actually more than one stupid girl. But the main dish to feast on is Hanabatake Yoshiko, a high school student with straight zeros and a disturbing love for bananas. She is also...dumb in other aspects of life. One truly wonders just how in the world she was able to pass her entrance examinations.

If anybody is remotely interested, the Nakayoshi 60th Anniversary edition of Cardcaptor Sakura is finally in stock, and yeah, I bought all six tankoubon that have been released to date. I'm so happy! Now, life feels a little more complete (?). I mean, I have watched the anime, listened to the songs, and now I'm finally lapping up the manga. Shiawase!

Thank goodness for backlogs.

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪

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