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Miwa Haruka New School Uniform

For a long time I feel my character designs lacked a "Moe" feel. I wanted a down-to-earth attire that could resonate with most people. I mean how many people can imagine themselves wearing fighter pilot suits and those that are used to fight Aliens

For a longer time, Miwa Haruka had been wearing a kawaii blue jumper suit. I decided to create something different. Something more feminine and relatable. Thus I started cracking my head to design a Japanese school uniform. Like some of my attire design, it wasn't so straightforward to design something unique and different. 

Designer - Me

This was my final sketch of the concept school uniform. The collar is designed like a "S" wave. The ribbon which is commonly worn by Japanese school girls incorporates a short and fat tie. I wanted to have a letter "M" on the tie which symbolises Milkcananime. A pink line runs diagonally across the white shirt with blue sleeve ends. The mini skirt features a right-flanked pink & blue checked patterns. Miwa would be putting on a pair of navy blue stockings and white zip-up shoes.

Illustrated by Gaby

My sketch was digitally rendered by my illustrator. Notice that the skirt is blue instead of white as indicated in the sketch. In between, we switched some colours as the white skirt looked plain, and boring. We keep the colours to 5 - White, Pink, Blue, Navy Blue and Orange (Note: Gaby drew her checkered portion too low. The top line should meet the waist)

Now, let's see Miwa Haruka wearing her new school uniform.

Illustrated by Gaby

Looks like Miwa Haruka is going to school soon. I tend to complicate my design by adding more things than required. In this case, I have to be even more careful as adding more stuffs would mean it looks more like a street clothes than a school uniform.

Hope you like the design. You can get Miwa Haruka in School Uniform Sticker here.

We will drawing more of her in her new school uniform. Meanwhile, do save her images as wallpaper for your smartphone if you like.

Written by Max Wong
Designed by Max Wong
Resident Illustrator Kim Gaby

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