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The 11th China International Cartoon and Game Expo~!

There’s always a lot of excitement finding out about an anime event, and seeing as I was in HangZhou for a while, finding out that the annual China International Cartoon and Game Expo (CCG Expo) was just next door in Shanghai, I just had to take a train down to see this convention. I wondered how it would compare to events in Singapore and Malaysia~

On the brink of a typhoon...-.
 From the start the journey was wrought with uncertainty, since that very day that I was planning to take the train, there were reports of a very powerful typhoon that would sweep the region. HangZhou was on high (red) alert, and there was I, trying to catch ride to the train station in the middle of what could have been a brewing storm. The weather looked ominous, but I made the call to board the train anyway. 

On the train!!

 Since I took the bullet train, the ride was about an hour. It felt a bit like taking a short flight actually, but since it was an 8am train, I mostly slept the journey away, hoping that the weather situation would be better in Shanghai.

Getting to Shanghai and into a cab at the station, I finally reached the convention site (albeit the driver getting lost a little – I blame that on my rusty Mandarin). The weather…well… let’s just say it was all strong winds and rain was getting everywhere, umbrellas were a futile effort. 

That...Queue....T T
By the time I got to the convention it was already about two hours into exhibition time, and I wasn’t expecting there to be too much queue at the ticketing booth… Boy was I wrong, the queue was long…a whole solid hour long, with about half of the time spent battling with the elements under a half sheltered area. (Makes you feel thankful for orderly swift queues at AFA)

Yay! Finally! P.S. Sorry for blurry pic~^^"

Finally getting the tickets, they cost 80 yuan, which is about a little less than 20 SGD. Yeah, I’d have to say that it wasn’t cheap. (But the convention area was huge~)

Interesting to note is that there weren’t as much cosplay as the conventions in Singapore and Malaysia, but maybe that is due to the fact that the convention had western and Mainland China influences as well, and so wasn’t strictly Japan Animation. There were a fair bit of lolitas though~

Well, I shan’t bore you with words anymore, I'll let the pictures do the talking~so here we go~!

First thing you see is GunPla...there's a huge following here o.o
Ahh~! The cast from the Kuroshitsuji musical in Japan is coming to China to perform in December....T I wish I were in China then >< The cage-like booth above was promoting that event~!


 Let's get back to the gundams ahaha~!

Them Candied APPLES!!

GoodSmile Booth~ The Chinese - Chang Er Miku edition that's releasing at the end of the year >< Sighz it's really very pretty~
China's make of animation~ the guys look pretty good~
Fan-modded gundams~
A little bit of Star Wars~ it was playing the new trailer!


This was so cute, it was hard to resist....><

One of those rare booth cosplays...they were so cute~!

Looking looking...hmm...which Love Live girl would you choose?

What's a convention without KUJI~! Haha~

Fancy Stage area~

Yeah, Disney had an appearance ~

Wigs Wigs~! Really cheap too...-.

 Oh the booths... I guess it's like anime merchandise heaven?!...Like a giant Anime TaoBao...o.o...

So big and squishy!!

Somehow, anime printed umbrellas are really popular...o.o

Them FukuBukuro...I bought two...___. Hey! They were cheap~


            My god, the guy on the right looks like 2m tall!
Marvel...of course~

It's the same no matter where you go...the masses of people chilling on the floor~:3

 And oh...

He "almost" kissed that hot guy wax model/mannequin ...xD
 I guess they don't mind the yaoi here either haha! Needless to say the fangirls squealed~

That's a wrap~ Well, the venue was much bigger than just the booths I took in the pictures, and it was crowded...massively crowded...But it was a trip well spent~

Do go to next year's one if you happen to be in the region :D

Written by Neko

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