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Singapore Toy, Game & Comic Convention 2016

To whom this may (or may not) concern:

It was a rainy morning, at least it was where I had set off from. The time was just a little after 8.30am, and the umbrella had threatened to fly away even when the wind didn't feel that strong in the first place. Never mind. Nothing could ruin my small excitement for what was about to happen. Yeah, the annual Singapore Toy, Game and Comic Convention held at Marina Bay Sands! This would be my third time attending, and I had thanked the stars. So I forgot all about the rain and the packed train (pardon the rhyme). To MBS I went.

You would think that having been there for the third time should be more of a breeze for me. Nope, it wasn't. I was immediately overwhelmed by the rather inefficient arrangement to collect the pass and such. I was only relieved that I didn't have to wait too long to get in. Just look at the madness! I wouldn't want to know just how early those people were. The air was somewhat stale. The anticipation from everybody (yeah me too) had sucked out all the oxygen around. Never mind. Patience used to be a virtue, until the very last minute.

Okay, so we were finally spared from further agony. Before the massive human sandwich evolved further, I quickly looked around for some ideas. Ah, badges! I remember the people from Secret Garden, a group based in Thailand. I used to buy their Free! Eternal Summer series. Unfortunately, nothing had caught my eyes this time. Nonetheless, it was lovely to see many new designs under their belt. Since Pokemon Go became a nationwide hit, the characters were definitely part of the line-up. Pikachu, Pikachu and more Pikachu. I didn't feel much for it though. There were even Pikachu hats for sale! 

Of course, there was a balance of both East and West across the convention. The Superheroes Cafe by DC Comics had churned out some fancy pastries and ice-cream. Okay, so I took the picture before any of said items was around. Anyway, the presence of superheroes was increasingly glowing, particularly the big displays of toys and such nearer to the entrance of the hall. I spotted the members of Suicide Squad in their cute forms! There was also a large drawing featuring the Marvel superheroes hovering above our local sights. I saw the Merlion, Singapore Flyer, MBS and the Esplanade!

Speaking of drawing, there were some people from Band of Doodlers starting on a rather large piece of drawing. I was intrigued by the magical breath of life injected through those marker pens. Oh, I had managed to capture a few cosplayers in the process. They looked really cool despite those tight costumes. 

Back at the Japanese department were some of my childhood memories: Doraemon and Super Mario! If I had the capacity to take great care of figures, I would definitely sweep all of those without a thought. Yeah, there was also Pikachu sharing the limelight. It looked contented though. 

Candylicious had a grand display of many different candies at its booth, and the two teddy bears right in the middle could just kill anybody. As if those candies weren't sweet enough already! I used to be really fascinated by one of those gigantic lollipops. Did people actually sink their teeth into one of those things and survived? 

Large posters and t-shirts were also part of the highlights. I had watched some episodes of Bungou Stray Dogs and Assassination Classroom. As much as I wanted to finish both series, I just couldn't. Anyway, there were lucky bags for sale as well. Lucky bags would essentially surprise with several random items related to a certain anime series, and the bigger the purchase would result in more exciting merchandise. 

Of course, I didn't forget the music. TAMUSIC and AKAIRYUSEI did short live pieces at their booth to entice the visitors. I loved the enthusiasm and energy from those guys! Their violin and keyboard were indeed a heavenly match. Oh, and they liked Pringles. Just saying. 

The massive human sandwich had evolved uncontrollably. The symptoms of claustrophobia had sunk in. Well, it was still quite an adventure nonetheless! 

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪   

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