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March: School Life, Cooking Club, Rice and Clearing Backlogs

Hello readers, we are nearly midway through the month (okay, I assume that I'm the only person tracking the days here) and the little wild safari must be running high on sugar. Yeah, the one-week school vacation which doesn't really do much since many students are still required to report back for various things. I had my fair share of supplementary classes, co-curricular activities, boring excursions, blah blah blah during that painfully brief week. Honestly, I would rather not do anything and simply sleep in until the call of nature. An ex-classmate used to tell the story of how he slept throughout most of the time and would only wake up for certain biological needs. Actually, I had tried my best to sleep in a few times but the light sleeper in my blood refused to cooperate. Oh well, I could only find something else to occupy my time.

If only I were a Japanese student, life in general would definitely be a lot more bearable and sane. I attribute those sentiments to the depths of reality that are frequently evident in anime and manga. Quite unfortunately, as much as I would love to immerse myself one way or another in a Japanese school, the biological clock is no longer at its golden age of youth. In my imagination however, I have often pretended that I'm sharing classes with some of my favourite anime and manga characters. Readers who have been following my writing here should be long familiar with my unwavering appreciation for the typical Japanese student's life, even though a lot of stuff in anime and manga can be exaggerated.

I have always been rather curious about the Cooking Club in most schools. The students who are involved seem to be having lots of fun and pleasure whipping up recipes to share among friends and classmates. I would love to chop daikon like a lunatic on the loose and flood the entire Home Economics room with vegetables that are enough to feed an entire zoo. Okay, this is no longer about cooking I think. The ultimate satisfaction which comes from accomplishing the task of completing a full course is unlike any other activity. Cooking soup isn't simple at all, considering how elaborate the entire process can be. I prefer to cook rice. Fluffy white rice is a little specialty which I'm rather good at.  

Speaking of rice, there is a particular way of eating it that I'm hoping to try someday. Anybody here loves having a raw egg on top of their rice? Until recently, I didn't realise that Egg Rice or Tamago Gohan is one of the popular rice dishes for breakfast. Basically, the concept is similar to that of natto with rice. Crack a raw egg over a bowl of steaming hot rice, drizzle some soy sauce and start mixing! Honestly, I wouldn't mind having Tamago Gohan every day. It looks really delicious, and makes a filling meal on its own. Hmm. Gosh, I think that I'm feeling a little hungry now. There are only biscuits and peanuts in the house.

My most favourite way of eating rice is still to toss it in a wok with mouth-watering selections of eggs, anchovies, cocktail sausages, prawns, peas, blah blah blah. Fried rice is more than just a filling meal. It is downright happiness till the very last spoonful into the mouth. Quite unfortunately, food porn in reality still pales in comparison to what we see in anime and manga. Nope, nudity is strictly prohibited in public even though that is really not the point here. No matter how delicious something is, the eating process remains largely calm and such. I mean, I would be concerned if somebody were to all of a sudden strip bare over a plate of fried rice or something.  

I have been trying to catch up on what I have missed recently. Clearing backlogs can be really intimidating because there are just too many lying around. I need to clear up some space for newer titles to invade my field of vision. Meanwhile, there goes another episode of Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu. I'm still thinking if I should invest in the manga. According to Wikipedia, the anime adaptation is 13 episodes long. Unless there is a second season or something, I don't think that the Yotarou arc will resume. Right now, we are still looking at Kikuhiko and Shin-san. Hmm.

Have a great week ahead, everyone!

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪

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