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Kono Manga ga Sugoi! 2015: Mahou Tsukai no Yome

I was just telling a friend how close we are approaching the new year, and that Christmas is still on for another few days. The overlapping of festivities isn't anything peculiar though, since that would mean extra days off for a lot of people. I spent my Christmas mostly in solitude, rather effectively avoiding the madness. The good thing however is that I've lined up quite a bit of manga for pleasure. Remember the mook which I briefly mentioned in one of my earlier articles - Kono Manga ga Sugoi! 2015? Nope, I still don't intend to get it. But I did browse through a little while shopping at Books Kinokuniya the other day, and I would like to introduce another series that made the list. Ranked #2 on the Otokohen is 'Mahou Tsukai no Yome' or 'The Ancient Magus' Bride' by mangaka Yamazaki Kore. The most recent tankoubon was released on September 10th. 

(Scanlations taken from Manga Fox)

The story opens with a peculiar auction which involves the female protagonist, 15 year-old Hatori Chise. For five million pounds, Chise has been bought by a sorcerer Elias Ainsworth, the male protagonist who takes form of an intimidating stature complete with horns and a bonehead. Elias' unique appearance is supposedly a cross between goat and dog. Chise quickly becomes acquainted with Elias who explains his purpose. The backdrop later shifts to England where things begin.

Now, a little more about Chise. Readers would be able to figure out right away that she isn't the average human girl. Elias explains that Chise is a Slay Vega, a class of magic users that possesses the ability to absorb surrounding magic powers and summon those infinitely. Chise is also able to see and hear her 'neighbours' - fairies, elves, et cetera. Before she came to understand her true existence, through flashbacks we catch glimpses of Chise's world as a child. Unwanted by many, she went through different families while harbouring deep resignation towards life. For some reason, Chise eventually found herself bound by a long chain from the neck to be auctioned.

From the title it is also evident that Chise will become Elias' bride though in her mind she still thinks that her position is that of an apprentice. Their initial interactions are nothing short of awkwardly hilarious. The incredulous expression on Chise's face as Elias matter-of-factly counters that it is all right to help bathe her is just one of those that's left me in stitches. Over time, Chise is gradually exposed to more characters and events which are stepping stones leading to the realisation of her abilities. She's got help from Angelica, a witch who runs a business selling an assortment of stuff. Angelica is somewhat baffled yet still fascinated by Chise's presence and her magic powers. She proceeds to make some equipment essential to Chise's training.

There is also Silkie, a 'neighbour' who serves as a helper in the household and also sells medicine for Elias. Silkie is a fairy that is usually seen donning a long dress and bonnet. We are introduced to Simon Kalm, a priest from the church who is the catalyst for Chise's first major adventure with Elias in the land of the dragons. The episode is a rather touching one as Chise struggles to acknowledge her emotions during a pivotal moment.

I've got to say that this manga is subtly working its magic into my thoughts. I don't consider myself a fantasy enthusiast, and I suppose that the mook deserves some credit for triggering a curious interest. I'm looking forward to greater adventures with Chise and the bonehead...erm, Elias!

Catch you readers again in the new year!

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪

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