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Hello readers. Summer is still heating bodies mercilessly everywhere, but the upside is that we have an indisputable reason to have all the cooling stuff imaginable to mankind, namely ice-cream, shaved ice, beer, more ice-cream, more shaved ice, more...yeah, most people should get that. I had an iced coffee yesterday, the really chilled one that would have been quite impossible to replicate at home. Imagine the amount of ice that is required to make such a tall glass of awesome wonder. Anyway, my brains are like what is usually cooking inside a slow pressure cooker. I find one of those things rather amazing. With that, I have attempted to put certain things together, hoping that the combination would spark off a little fireworks. Speaking of which, I saw some fancy ones from the living room window the other night.

Pardon the digression. Now, this will be about ice-cream. More specifically, the different displays of this yummy, sinful, amazing, life-can't-do-without-it dessert in various anime titles. I dare say that Yui's expression should resonate with a lot of people here. Well, you don't really have to roll around like what she did, because it would only make the body more agitated in the heat. Somehow, desserts in anime have this insane ability to induce a lot more salivation than necessary. It wouldn't have been that awful if there were an ice-cream shop or something just nearby. Quite unfortunately, such convenience is never actually fulfilled until about several miles down the streets.  

That said, how do you like your ice-cream? When I was a kid, there weren't a lot of choices available for ice-cream flavours and servings. The cone was what the neighbourhood children got excited for. Flavours were limited to just chocolate, vanilla or strawberry. The more fancy ones like rainbow, corn, red bean would make a rare, cameo appearance once in a blue moon. I didn't quite like the cone, because the ice-cream melted quickly like nobody's business, making the dessert a race against time instead of a guilty pleasure. I never understood how the other kids managed to lick around the entire scoop patiently and most importantly, skilfully. The soft serve version was only available in the later years in fastfood restaurants and such.

Parfaits and sundaes became popular with the young crowd as those mouth-watering creations entered the markets. Naturally, they were and are still more expensive than the usual cone and cup. Most of the earlier creations involved a generous serving of tropical fruits beautifully decorated around a little hill of ice-cream that contained more than just one flavour. Well, the choices were still rather limited though, but the level of enjoyment had been significantly higher. One of my earlier impressions of such was the classic Banana Split. I remember having that at one of those fancy diners. There was also this chocolate sundae which was served creatively in the shape of a clown. The later creations also saw interesting additions like love letters, Pocky sticks, wafers, cookies and such.  

Sometimes, after all that fancy ice-cream and such, it would be refreshing to have ice-cream as what it is - fuss-free. A big scoop of your favourite flavour, lying next to a sponge cake or waffle, or even on top of a slice of bread! That really reminds me of childhood. The ecstatic feeling of sinking into that half-molten bliss right in the middle of the bread has carried forward into modern times.

Gosh, I'm so craving for an ice-cream now.

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪

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