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Butter Shortage In Japan

Googling for certain types of information could actually open unexpected doors that might just ignite a spark or some in people. Otherwise, they simply grit their teeth while struggling not to bash up the computer and continue to refine their searches. Well, thankfully I consider myself still rational when it comes to destroying the computer. I mean, how else would I be able to get a few things done? The smartphone isn't exactly all friendly. I would rather not have to rush down to Accident & Emergency for a missing thumb or something. Anyway, Christmas is just around the corner. The morbid stuff aside (not for long though), I have jumped out of all that crazy shopping because honestly the situation isn't helping. I was at Books Kinokuniya the other day, and any desire to purchase a book or some had promptly vanished at the sight of the meandering crowd.

As I mentioned, googling for information could yield surprises, though I would use that term sparingly. During a recent Japanese lesson, my teacher was sharing some happenings in Japan, one of which was the severe shortage of locally-produced butter across the country. Although there were imports, they were expensive. I was intrigued by the information and hence decided to google about it. The search engine must had been high on something, or maybe I was just slow in catching up. The next moment, an exhausted cow was staring back at me from its habitat. Okay, it didn't look exhausted, but the caption reflected otherwise. Maybe I didn't stare deeper. The cow must had been struggling to imprint the message 'I have no milk (for butter)'.  

'Butter shortage in Japan' had also led me to other interesting findings. Apparently, it wasn't just butter that bothered the country, but also something else quite unimaginable (at least it seemed so to me). French fries were at one point of time facing shortage due to...okay, I had wanted to say that probably the potatoes were exhausted too, but clearly they weren't because if they were, well...somebody might need to call somebody who would be able to cleanse those poor potatoes. Never mind. Supply and demand issue that was. I can't imagine not having fries when eating fastfood. There is something therapeutic (or any adjective that you prefer) about fries which just puts a little good back into the mood should anybody be having a hard day. The same can also be said for desserts.   

Apparently, the butter shortage could well affect Christmas celebrations as it is customary to indulge in cake or something during the festive season. Housewives would be devastated because they have nothing to treat their husbands and kids. Lovey-dovey couples looking forward to a romantic White Christmas would probably need other alternatives to conclude their dinners. Singles who are looking forward to drown their sorrows in cake, I say that drinking would fare a lot better in that department. Just remember to call somebody to send you home after your little performance. I would gladly eat ice-cream. Or frozen yogurt. I don't really need the cake fix as long as there is an alternative to make up for the situation.

I suppose that the cows would be a lot more traumatised as the butter shortage crisis continues. Has anybody seen a stressed-out cow before? How about a crazy cow? Nope, I'm not referring to the mad cow disease. Anyway, Christmas still carries on, butter or not!

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪

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