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Happy Party Train Tour: DAY 2 LIVE VIEWING

After their first Live in February this year, the girls from Aqours are back with a Happy Party Train Tour, and Singapore is fortunate enough to be one of the countries to have a live viewing of the concert! Golden Villages is hosting it, and I'm more than ready to wave my light sticks, even if the seiyuus can't see me!

... Except that I do not have any at the moment, but it's okay! I have received information that there will be exclusive goods going on sale before the live viewing here, but most, if not all, will cost a bomb, supposedly even more expensive than the ticket itself :O (one ticket is 65SGD if you are a GV member.)

> Day 1! 29/9
(Just hyping ourselves up!)

This is Ritsu reporting just the night before the viewing! To explain, today is the Day 1 of the final leg of the Aqours Second Live Tour, in Saitama, but we would be watching Day 2's concert! Truth be told, I would like head over early tomorrow to see what kinds of merchandise they are putting out, just in case I find one worth the money... Maybe there would be some nice yohane ones...? Unfortunately, (or rather, thankfully!) I'm meeting my pal for ice-cream just prior to the viewing so maybe I won't have that chance to put another huge hole in my wallet!

It's Magnum O.O!
I never thought I'd attend something Love Live related - just a year back it's nothing more than just an anime which happens to have quite a nice rhythm game that captured the attention of quite a few people - myself, included, recently went back to playing both worldwide and Japanese game servers, to the surprise of no one - and I couldn't really pinpoint where it becomes more than just that to me, but it has something to do with the energy the seiyuus exude during their talk shows, appearances etc and especially during their live performances.

I've only watched snippets of various lives on YouTube, but I could feel it from the performance - their hardwork, dedication and how much they are enjoying themselves and how much they are putting it out there to have a great Love Live experience for everyone. Every seiyuu also has their own unique quirks and personalities which makes it all the more interesting and lovely to see, and I couldn't help but love some of them more than the characters they voice! xD

Link to talk show:
I was in a discussion with my pal on what we are looking forward to tomorrow's concert; also the seiyuus have tweeted how their day went today, here are some of them!

Day 2! 30/9
(It's today!)

My Yohane rubber strap will be with me throughout my journey! The theme fits as well: she's in her Happy Party Train costume!

We kind of got lost on the way since Great World City, where the Golden Village is located at, is a little out of the way but my friend and I made our way there safely to join a snaking long queue of people at around 4.07pm! I later found out that Happy Party Train has been performed first, which we missed, but the performance after that was Pops Heart de Odurun Damon, which we arrived in the middle of. If you have not heard the song before please give it a listen - the performance had such a high energy and it was almost almost like walking into the actual concert venue itself!

Well, it was my first time in such an event admittedly: observed many fans standing and jumping during the performances with only a few sitting, and most have their lightsticks in the theme colour of their best girl, or in the theme colour of the one featured in the current song. Like mentioned before, many treat it as an actual concert - forget the fact that the seiyuus couldn't see us, we are still supporting them to the best of our abilities!

We're happy that Eijun-kun could join us as well! (≧∇≦)
Especially when they noticed us; they would point to the camera and go "Live-viewingの皆さん!!" and the fans in the cinema venue went wild!!

Look at the crowd for the First Live...
Here are some of the outfits they were in during the performances!

In between performances, the seiyuus would sometimes do short segments of what the performance was like, how they feel, and the overview of what is about to come. I still don't understand 100% what they are talking about more than half the time, but based on the audience present in the arena the seiyuus mostly talk about light-hearted things and joke around a lot! ( ´ ▽ ` )b

If anyone is interested, here's the setlist for the 2nd day!

Songs from the setlist I recommend giving a listen would be Pops Heart de Odurun Damon, Thrilling One Way, Kinmirai Happy End, Kowareyasuki, Taiyou o Oikakero, just to name a few~

Somewhere near the end of the show they showed a new preview of Perfect Dream Project, a new game that will be released in 2018! It shows Muse and Aqours members interacting with each other, something that has never been seen before so it got many fans excited and hyped up for the upcoming game (≧∇≦) There was also a previous, different preview on day 1 here, and day 2's conversations continue from day 1's here! My favourite part of the day 2 preview was of course the nico-nico-nii everyone did at the end! (≧∇≦)

And the best thing in the segment where they released a slew of announcements: they announced a third Live tour slated for next year!
And before I knew it, the concert ended! I didn't get to take many photos, especially when taking pictures or video-recording are forbidden in the premises, but there were some fans wearing the Live merchandise that had been on sale, and others carrying their nesoberis of their best girls! It almost made me regret not purchasing the yohane nesoberi I had my eyes on! (>^<)
RIP wallet
To be honest, I'm still undecided, but I ever decide to go for the third Live I'll be sure to bring more Yohane items out and hopefully the nesoberi as well to join the nesoberi crowd. ^^ and most importantly, get a seat right next to my friend so I can scream unabashedly to my heart's content (≧∇≦) I actually did not manage to do that since I got a seat between strangers, and I was uncomfortable with fangirling with unfamiliar (they even looked unfriendly ahhh) people but I guess there's always another time!

People had once worried about the future of the Love Live series, but it looks like they are well and alive with the Perfect Dream Project underway as well! Here's hoping to see Aqours again next year! Also, Rikako took a picture of the special guest for today, Uchicchi!

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