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LiSA ~ LiVE is Smile Always

Hi everyone! Happy August! How has your long weekend been? It's been a few weeks since LiSA's first solo concert in Singapore and I'm still suffering from a little bit of post-concert depression... I really reaaaally like big events like concerts and anime conventions where I get to let loose and enjoy the things I love!

For LiSA's first solo concert, I attended it with Ninetylives as Milkcananime's media representive! We were really counting down the days! On the day itself, we reached the venue early... or so we thought! Throngs of LiSAkkos were already waiting! (LiSAkko's are LiSA's fan's name. Cute, is it not?)

We quickly went to collect our tickets... Before we managed to however, we were mistaken for LiSA fan club members! It was only so when we realised the fan club members were wearing different shirts than the ones being sold.

Fanclub t-shirt
Tour t-shirt

We hung around for a bit, then it was time to go in! LiSA started off with Cosmic Jet Coaster that got us all hyped up! By the way, LiSA's official colour seems to be pink as pink lightsticks were sold and throughout the concert the colour was pink! I did see many enthusiastic fans who brought their own battery operated lightsticks!

Known for some rather memorable anime openings, her next song was Crossing Field from Sword Art Online! LiSA was really bubbly and chatty, telling us it was her fifth time in Singapore, however it's her first solo concert! The crowd (especially the VIP section) was very responsive, which I think encouraged her to continuously interact with everyone, speaking in both English and Japanese!

The most impressive thing about LiSA (other than her amazing energy) is her voice! Not only did she belt out song after song for an almost 2-hour long concert, she sounded great! At one point, she even danced! Not only that, she did an AKB48 cover medley in between, featuring Heavy Rotation and a couple other AKB48 songs, and she sounded just as good as the original!

The energy level was really high and everyone knew the correct "lightstick choreography", waving their lightsticks according to tempo! For slow songs, they switched from pink to blue automatically! Needless to say, I was very impressed!

Speaking of cheorography, one of the highlights of the night was being taught how to dance by LiSA! It was a few simple moves for the chorus of Elect Lyrical and it was extremely fun! Here's a tutorial if you're interested:

And here are more photos!

That's not all as LiSA even grabbed a guitar of her own and jammed alongside her band! Finally, the show ended on a high note... Or did it really end? When LiSA disappeared backstage, we already expected an encore. What we didn't expect was when LiSAkkos suddenly took out a piece of paper! It took a little bit of synchronizing, but eventually it was clear. Everyone was singing Itsuka no Tegami! I think it was a really nice surprise for her as she returned to stage and sang along too! Good job LiSA Singapore Fan Club LiSAkkos!

After that, the whole atmosphere was very emotionally-charged when she also covered Singapore's National Day favourite: Home! I think either someone mentioned it was SG50 to her or else it was her own initiative; she mentioned it's her fifth time performing in Singapore, and it was like her second home!

Oh, did I mention she and her band returned wearing the tour t-shirt? After that was a couple more songs and the night ended on a high note as LiSA requested photos with everyone! We took a big panorama with her and also her band, Ramenz!

Finally, 2 hours later, the concert ended but that was not the end for her VIP fans who stayed on for the fansign and guess what~ Ninetylives and I caught them while they were streaming out of the theatre and a fan let us take a picture of her autographed poster!

Bonus LiSA~
Overall, it was a very fun night! It was my first time attending a Japanese concert and I truly enjoyed myself! Thank you LiSA!
Written by Nana

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