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An Impromptu Swimsuit Competition

The Golden Jubilee long weekend is coming to an end, which means facing the reality for what it truly is. I heard that the fireworks were great and not that spectacular, depending on who I asked. I didn't watch the entire parade, mostly because I wasn't really that into the whole celebratory mood. I saw the ever increasing clusters of red and white while hanging around City Hall, and decided that it wasn't any good to stay out longer. Even the buses and trains were overflowing, thanks to the one-day free rides. If anybody wants to know why I was even there in the first place, it was simply because I had a few favourite haunts. Anyway, for this article I have decided to hold an impromptu swimsuit competition featuring several girls from well-known anime titles. Except that no tangible awards will be given.

Our first contestant of the swimsuit competition is Tomo from Azumanga Daioh. Here, Tomo poses smilingly with her favourite fruit: the watermelon. Unfortunately, the watermelon doesn't trigger any additional points to her advantage. The judging panel will now take a good look at Tomo who seems to have no reservations about splitting that fruit with her head. Once again, this is a swimsuit competition. Before the judges compute their scores, let me just say that only the readers will see the average composite score of each contestant. Okay, I think that the score for Tomo has been tabulated! May we have the result?

Score: 7.3

Thank you very much, Tomo! Next in line is Fujioka Haruhi from Ouran High School Host Club. Haruhi has chosen this lovely one-piece which comes with an equally cute swim cap. However, the swim cap isn't part of the judging criteria. The swimsuit must be made out of some really fancy material, as it sparkles beautifully under the light or something. Gosh, Haruhi certainly looks malnourished...I mean, flattering in this selection. Did somebody say that the swimsuit was designed by the Hitachiin Family or something? Oh no, whoever produced this has got no influence on the panel's decision. Okay, may we have the result for Haruhi?

Score: 7.5

Thank you Haruhi, please head on to the other side. Now, let us welcome our third contestant. She is Mio from Ano Natsu de Matteru! Oh, looks like she has got a rather special presentation for the judges. Ta-da! I have to say that the sheer courage to participate in a swimsuit competition is a surprisingly strong boost to the overall stage presence. Never mind the wide-eyed boy next to her. Mio sure has a figure which many girls will envy. Just take a look at those...erm, assets! Boing boing! Is that one of the judges bleeding? Gosh, are you all right Sir? Yes? Then, is the panel ready to flash the result to our readers?

Score: 9.0

Thank you so much, Mio! Shall we put our hands together for our fourth contestant? Presenting Ama-chan from Free!! Ama-chan has had a little experience in modelling, so this competition should be a piece of cake to her. Wow, did you see that little bite off the ice-cream cone? Now, that is what I call a cunning yet seductive act. Ama-chan poses in a kneeling position, complete with ice-cream and an inviting smile. Oh my goodness, Sir! Are you bleeding again? Seriously, this has got to stop! Do we have a medic on standby? No? Great. How about a roll of toilet paper? Oh, is the result for Ama-chan ready?

Score: 9.0

Thank you Ama-chan, that was a lovely kill...I mean, presentation! Next, we have our fifth and sixth contestant: Chiyo and Yuzuki from Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun! These girls are the best of friends, and they hang out with the same bunch of boys as indicated by this little ensemble. Bear in mind that the handsome, muscular boys don't add any points to the scores. Also, the cute, pretty float that is resting comfortably around Chiyo's waist has got no effect on her average score. The ribbons are really fancy though. As for Yuzuki, she exudes a lot of confidence in this segment. Her choice of swimsuit definitely brings out the curves! Let's see their scores now!

Score: 8.0 (Chiyo), 9.5 (Yuzuki)

Thank you girls! Oh, watch out for the tidal wave. We now come to our final contestants of the swimsuit competition. The girls from Wakaba*Girl are here! Their confident, dazzling smiles prove that they have prepared thoroughly for today. However, the focus seems to be on the girl donning the black swimsuit. Her name is Wakaba, and she comes from a wealthy family. Quite unfortunately, she is a bit of an airhead. But that doesn't stop her from entering this competition. In fact, I believe that she is enjoying herself to the fullest. Judges, are you ready to compute the score? I think that Wakaba should be sufficient.

Score: 9.5

Very nice, girls! Have fun in the water. That concludes the impromptu swimsuit competition! As mentioned earlier, no tangible awards will be given, hence there is no need for a winner to be announced. I hope the readers have enjoyed the presentation. If not, that is just too bad! Ho ho ho ho ho...

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪

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