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Another Neko-Atsume?

Hi guys! It has been a few hectic weeks as I am busy with my work commitment. As you can read from my title, you can guess what sort of game I am recommending it to you. This game is inspired by the original Neko-Atsume with a positive twist added to it. I am going to walk through with you this new game titled The Cats Paradise by 1Moby Co Ltd. 
For those who are not familiar with Neko-Atsume, you may refer to this post  You may ask what are the differences between both games. When I started this game, I felt mundane playing The Cats Paradise. It contains the same game play and genre. There is nothing new to this. However, once I get into a gamer mode, I feel this is different from Neko-Atsume. Please continue to read why you should give this game a try.


1. You can own a cat FINALLY! 
Neko-Atsume fans have been asking for eternity when are they able to keep a pet cat. This dream is fulfilled by The Cats Paradise. You catch any cat that comes to visit you. There is no free cat but with your earning coins, you will be able to catch one. So far, I caught 4 types of cats. You can only keep one cat at a time. But the last cat which I had had ran away because I did not feed it for a few days.

Did I mention the cats poop a lot? Coins are needed for every action you do to your cat. Your coins deplete very fast. It is faster than you can earn it. The good point is your pet cat gives you coins and stars which you can use to travel. I will talk more about this later. 

 2. There are water type toys
Supposedly this game is based on cats touring around the island. With added new toys such as surfboards, swimming tubes, snorkeling goggle and others, the cats on this island are definitely enjoying their lifestyle to the max. Watch the cats jump into the bubble tube and dive under the ocean. 

3. New missions
With this new objective added to the game, players can look forward to collecting cat treasures and levelling up. They are two types of missions in this game: collecting miscellaneous items from the cat and captures the right cat's photo. By doing each mission, it increases 1 point to your current level system. As your level progresses, you are able to unlock more toys to lure rarer cats to your island!
4. More cat animations
The game feels more interactive with the cats actually playing with the toys. Instead of rigid image of the cat hogging a ball or sitting inside a playhouse, Cats Paradise produces more 'animated' cats which correspond with the items. 
 5. Daily Spin
This is an additional feature to the game. You get tickets by logging into the game. The tickets will allow you to spin the wheel to get prizes such as golden fish, silver fish, toys or rare foods.


6. Travel Mode
Finally, let’s discuss the travel mode in this section. I have played this game for about two months and I have not entered the travel mode.To travel, you will need stars which you had obtained from your pet-cat and a minimum level of 20. I am assuming once you go to a specific island,you will get to see the special edition cats such as poke-meow? Really, the advert for these cats keeps appearing on my login game screen during the Pokémon Go phenomenon.
Currently, there are 5 islands for you to explore and every island requires ten levels from the predecessor to proceed. The latest island now would be the Forbidden Land where Zombie Cats and Spirits roamed. (Limited-time Island for Halloween Celebration)
Both cat games Neko-Atsume and Cats Paradise have its own features. It is up to each individual’s preference to choose which game he/she favours. I like both games when there are many cute cats. Here is one cat for you before I signed off. 
My pet Chubby before he ran away
Written by SnoringSeal

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