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Love Live!! School Idol Festival - Magnetic Today!! Event + Brief Look at Version Update 4.0

Love live School Idol Festival - a mobile game that a good friend of mine got me into, but did not really strike me as appealing at first. The notes that flew at where I was supposed to tap made me pretty anxious at first, as I somehow managed to skip the initial tutorial and went straight to playing the game.
An impressive amount of stamina left ft. my attempt at a screenshot
Then again, it was a good distraction from the turmoils I had been facing in my life back then. Though it took me a while before I got around to being able to play expert songs, the difficulty level played by a large majority of players on LLSIF. The game gradually grew onto me when I gradually got excited playing events and scouting (despite lousy luck bestowed on me sometimes-)
Why get this
When someone else can uhh... Get this....
Small background information aside, it has been slightly over a year ever since I got immersed into the game. I started out on the Global/EN server since it was the only server downloadable where I live, before I found out how to sneak in using various Virtual Private Networks and got the Japanese server downloaded as well.

If you're lucky you might get 3 URs with those 3 tickets.
If one has been keeping up with how things are progressing on the EN server, the recent introduction of double Super Rare (SR) card events and double UR (Ultra Rare) scouting box from the usual single card chase did cause quite a bit of hoo-ha (and later grudging acceptance, as seen from the relatively high cutoff points for tier rewards)

When EN tiers for Rin x Eli event are more intense than the JP Rin event
So far, the double card events do not apply to token events, as for every single card token event that has been launched has an event song playable to get even more event points on top of the tokens the players collect from the songs they play. Imagine playing for two event songs... you'd probably need to put your attention on both event songs, and each event song already comes with 10 different versions for you to choose from.

They had been rumours that a double token event, featuring SR cards of Rin and Nico, is coming up anyway since apparently, even a banner for them appeared on another server. And honestly, I was quite disappointed from all the speculations which all think that this is likely to happen. Don't get me wrong, I love Rin too, but I had been looking forward to the Magnetic Today!! event by itself ever since I knew it existed.

However, nothing had been set in stone yet, and when I went to check for new event updates two Thursdays ago:

I was pumped. I was ready to go all out for this very possibly last single event card of my best girl - even thought of aiming for top 50 in the event.

Which is something you probably shouldn't try if you are being drained of energy due to school every day, but dedicated fans would find a way even if you have a deadline on the day of the event itself

I immediately played once the event started. Here's my progress 5 hours into the event. I juggled between taking breaks, figuring out my homework, and continuously playing the shortest expert song available. (expert gives out the most amount of tokens at 25+2 bonus tokens, where 25 life points are used for every expert song)

The days that follow:

Spoiler: didn't manage to full combo it *sobs*
Second day. This was unintentional.
Second day, at 11.30pm. Event started previous day at 5pm.
Ah yes the song that I invested on the most.
Shocking Party is a short and good song for players to race to the tops. There's a catch: with the 4.0 update, a reward box is introduced. The higher the difficulty of the song/the score you get from the song, the more likely it is for the player to get better rewards.

The score will fill the reward box gauge.
Angel Trick is one of the rarer skill rewards you can get.
Expert songs range from 9-11 stars, with 9 being the easier ones and 11 being one of the most difficult ones. Shocking party is at 9. and with my team I could only score around ~40k points tops which is not a lot of points compared to the event song magnetic today (10, or 11 for the random mode beatmap) where you can get at least 60k points with an A combo with a team full of just idolised Cool attribute SRs. Maybe even more. I guess it's all about preferences however, whether you are playing for Nico, or playing just because the card's cute, or playing because you need that card to boost your smile team, or playing to get more out of the rewards box + for experience points.

For me I prioritise rising to the tops. Fourth day.
I got a little boost to my cool team on the seventh day of the event: the second half of the baseball set just got released in the afternoon, and I had been eyeing the Nico card for that set for quite some time.
New set!
The Nico :D
I ended up getting:

Second best girl! Of which this card I already have idolised (with seals) on the Japanese server, but I'll take it. This card is absolutely gorgeous as ever.

Unfortunately I also fell sick on that day and my progress on the event became slower, but the task slightly easier - I mostly just had to use my acorns (the token for the event) on the event song. Describing it as an easier task would be an irony: many players have difficulty with this song, as do I (if you count only being able to get a maximum A combo being a difficulty) - and apparently it is also a reason why not many nico fans are going all out for this event. A playthrough for the song can be found here

The most I could do T_T
I got an additional boost to my cool team on the 9th day as well-

Baseball Umi! Idolised with 2 cards

Wrapped up on the event!
I didn't play much on the last day (11th day), except play 1 song of easy level and 2 songs for normal level for the little 25 at the back of my 80000 points (25 can be read as nico in Japanese). A little sad I couldn't play more due to my untimely illness, but to conclude, it was a fun and memorable event which I quite enjoyed tiering in - despite the need to play a lot a lot of songs when it comes to collecting the tokens, and of course the challenging beatmap of the event song.

My final ranking at #118. Cutoff for Tier 1 (2 copies of the event card) is at #1100

Final Event Song ranking
Idolised the little lady :D
The past one or so year playing LLSIF has been fun - I've made friends, get to talk to people about the game, the anime, revel in the joy and disappointments of various progresses of the game or about its various servers, etc. However I think it's time for me to take a little break - constantly maintaining my teams and monitoring progress on the game can be tiring, and I never did intend to be more than a casual player anyway. Very likely will be back in action in two months' time when I'm finally done with the semester! Meanwhile, if you want to you can check out my profile on School Idol Tomodachi - where you can view the cards I've collected (SR and above)

Thank you for checking out my first article on Milkcananime - I look forward to sharing more of my otaku life with you!

Written by ritsu

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