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Prince-Fever Sickness

Previously, I had watched many  anime of school-life, fighting, adventure, action and ecchi  but I craved for romance and shoujo titles. There is nothing much to offer since I have watched most of the popular ones.

My only solution is to focus on manga since there are tons to choose from. I am using an app in my iPad to read them. To my surprise, there is a huge variety of  plots to pick from. Since the beginning of January till now I have been a huge fan of manga. This is actually my first post in the manga section since I started writing on this website.

I am going to share a few titles with the readers and hopefully, it brings the same happiness to you!
Last Game
Both protagonists are intelligent and study in the same school since young. Yanagi is a very smart boy who plays a role model for everyone but Kujo is one step ahead of him. He can get everyone attention except Kujo, a plain looking and poor girl who keeps her first position in the school. Kujo does not like to talk and she faces difficulty in making friends.  

On the other side, Yanagi is a natural when it comes to girls. Despite his attempt to rise to the top, he is defeated by her every single time. Eventually, Yanagi has developed a mysterious feeling toward Kujo and he stays beside her through thick and thin. Being Kujo herself, she does not notice such changes in his best friend Yanagi, but to continue with this mutual relationship. 

Watashi ni xx shinasai
This is one of the 'doki-doki'  (exciting) manga I have ever read so far. Yukina is a very popular cell phone novelist but her story lack of love development which she needs Shigure to open a new world for her. Shigure is really a womanizer and he gets into a bad situation when Yukina found his notebook. The notebook contains every girl names in the school. He makes all girls fall in love with him and reject them afterward. 

Once Yukina know about this, she blackmails him into doing missions which involve romance that she believes will help her in writing a good plot. As times goes by, Yukina is questioning herself if love is developing between both of them. Besides these two, other characters are appearing gradually in the manga to heighten the story development.  

Soredomo Sekai Wa Utsukushii
How unfortunate it is for Nike, the fourth princess from Rain Dukedom to lose to her sisters in a ‘Scissor Paper Rock’ game. The loser will have to be betrothed to the King of Sun Kingdom. There is this rumor about the king who has a pair of horn and is an old man. He is one who has ruled the world and earned him the title King of the world. Reluctantly, Nike travels thousands of miles to this country to meet her future husband. The Sun Kingdom king is not what Nike expected to be and she has to learn to co-exist with her prospective husband.

Nike has the power to summon the rain by singing. Rain is a rare occurrence in the Sun Kingdom and with her help, she flourishes the earth.

I came across this title when I watched this anime last month. I feel that the anime should have continued instead of stopping the story. Then I went into the manga to read further and it is definitely worth waiting for every new chapter release.

I am definitely in a fangirl mode when I watch the kissing, hugging and whispering in the manga.

Please do share with me if you have any manga to recommend.
Written by SnoringSeal

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