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Figure Unboxing and Review: Kousaka Kirino (Good Smile Company)

To All,

Just yesterday, I spent the whole day helping out with my cousin's wedding photoshoot. I never knew that it was so tedious to even get into the gown itself! Perhaps it's even worse trying to sculpt a detailed wedding dress on a figure...

For now, let's take a look at Good Smile Company's Wedding version of Kousaka Kirino from Ore no Imouto wa Konna ni Kawaii no Wake ga Nai (OreImo). Oreimo is a really popular anime based off on a well-selling visual novel, or rather, galge. I recommend all of you to try watching it (at least) if you haven't seen the anime or played the game yet!

Box 9.5/10
I really want to give this box full points but I believe that all figures have room for improvement, thus I'll cap it at a 9.5.

If you follow my previous reviews, I'm sure you'll know how much I like to have windows on my figure boxes so I'm able to view the figure in it even before I actually take it out. However when it comes to Kirino's box, I find that adding windows would only ruin its beauty.

Frankly, I adore the pattern on her box. It makes the box look extremely elegant and reflects the amount she costs.

Her blister keeps her well in place and and cushioned from damage too. If there's anything I'm displeased about with her packaging, it would be that her blister is unable to close properly in one of the corners. However, this is something which comes with individual blisters and not with the entire line itself. Also, Good Smile Company made sure to tape the two blister pieces securely anyway.
Base 9.5/10

Her base is another aspect which I really love about this figure. I love how it ties in cleanly with the figure's theme and looks elaborate!
There are two pegs to hold Kirino to the base. Before you start thinking that she might be unstable from this, let me highlight that Kirino is able to stand without her base. However, if you do so, she might be leaning forward awkwardly as this figure was sculpted wth the idea of her walking up these stairs on her base.

From this picture, you can even see that the railing looks real and simply strunk down to 1/7 scale. The railing is also removable if you intend to pose her without it.

Posing and Assembly 9/10

I'm in love with figures which have them glancing over their backs and this figure is no different!
Assembly-wise, she's as simple as putting her on the pegs. The pegs on my copy slide in easily and she's stable on the base. Her dress adds in additional stability as well.

Sculpting and Painting 9.5/10

The motion in her hair makes it seems like the exact moment when Kirino has simply stopped and spun around has been accurately captured in figure form.
Personally, the other thing that I like is the delicate sculpt of her wedding dress. I like how the dress seems tight against her upper body yet billowing out from her waist. I also love the sculpt of the frills on her dress and the translucency of the material making up the frills sets it and the dress apart like they are made from two different fabrics.
No matter if the dress is cast in bright light or dark shadow, the creases in her gown catches the light perfectly and gives off a three-dimension effect!

I also like the trimmings at the end of her wedding dress! I'm glad that they decided to make it end with some patterns and not just with a straight cut finish.

The dress bunches up where Kirino is holding it and the effect of that action is felt throughout the figure from the way the rest of the fabric appears to be tugged along, resulting in a beautiful flow of the fabric and making it seem seemingly soft to the touch!

Her gloves also have realistic folds and are bunching up exactly where they are supposed to be.
Taking a step back from the bigger picture and simply focusing on the accessories, I can safely assure say that Good Smile Company has put in a lot of effort into even the smallest details.

The bouquet she's holding has a harmony of colors made up of yellow, light pink and a darker pink. The color choice for the bouquet adds variation into the otherwise white and orange figure, but the pastel colors help to accentuate the figure from the sidelines instead of stealing the limelight with bold colors.

Her earrings and pendant look expensive though simple. From how I see them, they don't draw attention away from the figure or the base but instead, accentuates the theme. Kirino's trademark pink hair clips are also preserved in this figure and they are given a nice gloss finish. What impressed me was that none of the gloss finish spilled over to her hair at all!

The light blush on Kirino's cheeks lies in well with her blissful expression and Kirino looks genuinely happy to be married. This moment captures her deredere side so much more than her tsuntsun side, but I'm not one to complain.

I'm pretty sure anyone who marries Kirino would be a happy man!

Enjoyment 9.5/10

With scale figures, there's no way to change their poses and "play" with them, but as a decoration piece for my display, this figure is certainly one of my favorites. I can visualize where Good Smile Company could have gone wrong with her but the fact that they didn't and have in fact exceeded my expectations makes this a piece I'm even more proud to own!

If you are a Kirino fan, trust me, this would be a figure you would be equally proud to have her as I currently am. Be sure to add her to your collection!
From Your Fellow Collector,

Written by Reina-rin

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