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Figure Unboxing and Review: Idolm@ster 10th Memorial Figure

This is the first Idolm@ster figure that combines idols across different series into a single figure. Here, we have Haruka, Shimamu and Mirai, the three "main" characters in their respective series!

As this is a deluxe version that comes with a larger exclusive base, there is an additional box that comes with the shipment. The above is the box for the base, which has an image of how it should look fully assembled at the back of the box (image below).

Fresh out of the box reveals the main base in its full glory~ The color palette and clean painted lines are really refreshing to look at!

The color acrylics come separately and they are to be pushed into three of the stars at the back of the base. The colors and patterns are meant to fit the girl who would be placed before it. That being said, these acrylics are not really visible from the front once the figure is fully assembled.

 Here's the base fresh out of the blister. There are two parts to it. First, it's this chunky white base...

Together with the acrylic inserts that I mentioned earlier, photographed both front and back...

And also with an autographed clear plastic base! If you see clearly, it comes with sole-like holes and that is because you are supposed to put this above the base that comes with the normal version of the figure!

 This is how the autographed effect is supposed to look, but that is not all yet!

You can rest it onto the white base to give it this effect! Doesn't it just look like the girls are on top of an elevated stage, all prepared for the moment the elevator docks so they can leap onto the stage and start singing and dancing?

The main figure itself comes in a slightly different box, and has a wide window so you would be able to see all the three girls packaged in it. This box alone would be what you get if you order the normal version instead of the deluxe.

The back of the box features two similar shots of the figure, and I find the close-up shot incredibly important and useful when it comes to assembling the three idols together.

To ensure that there are no damages or paint transfers during shipment, all three girls are packaged individually in the blister. It is then the buyer's duty to assemble the figure. Both of Haruka's hands are removable, so you will just have to slide them between Shimamu and Mirai's arms and put her hands back into place.

For my copy, Haruka's arm is a little loose where it connects to Shimamu, while the arm that connects with Mirai fits snugly. The heart shape formed with Haruka's hands are not a perfect heart shape due to this reason as well. However, since the general shape is still present, this issue did not bother me much.

 A simple 360 of the figure so you can see which girls are better viewed at which angles.

I would say that the sculpting and painting on all angles and all three girls are similar and very well-defined. However as Haruka's arms are detachable to fit the others into this pose, it feels that they are rather loose and might come off their pegs when you move them around. If you did not receive a pristine copy like myself, you may require some patience for this aspect.

I love how their boots are sculpted. The feel that Shimamu has a different kind of shoe from the other two girls really help me to appreciate her outfit better. That being said, I love how the white boots are so glossy and the laces are well-sculpted too!

No complains outfit-wise too. We see the three girls in their usual promotional costumes and these same costumes are adapted to fit well with the pose. The frills are all generally realistically sculpted and are lifted to add a sense of dynamism to the figure. The paint job is also exceptional. All the details on Shimamu and Mirai's costume is perfectly painted on with no visible paint errors. I'm amazed at how crisp the painting for Mirai's plaid patterns is!

Even from the front, the costumes are made according to their model and painted with the correct shade of colors! From Haruka's simpler costume to the more complicated school uniform-esque costume Mirai dons, we get to see the growth of the series and designing.

The hair ornaments for all three girls are nicely detailed as well. Shimamu's tiara-crown is gold and glittery, showing off her Cinderella-ness. Haruka's usual ribbon hair ties are also with the figure, painted in an opaque pink that's a few shades darker than Mirai's hairclip and ribbon hair tie. Mirai's hair tie also comes with a gradient that adds another cute touch to the figure.

My only gripe would be the hair seam for Haruka and Mirai, whereas Shimamu's hair seam is easily hidden by her hairstyle.

Next up I'll show a few more shots of this figure as a bonus!


It's been a long time since I've seen a figure that's so well sculpted and painted and holds so much meaning to it. This is a figure that brings the three spin-offs together and should be a must-have for any fans of the Idolm@ster series!

Thank you for reading!

~ Reina-rin

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