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Let's Karaoke!?

Hey minna! How is everybody doing? Whether you are having a good or lousy day, let's karaoke! Yeah, how about a karaoke contest for starters? If you can sing, we want you! If you are tone-deaf, we still want you! The idea is to take the microphone and claim your few minutes of fame! Can we see some participants up here? Don't be shy!

Ooh, what do we have here? Such a sweet, angelic voice! Ah, a choir member you say? No wonder! The choice of music complements her voice so beautifully. Hmm, I could listen to her for a while. By the way, we don't have a scoring system for this karaoke contest. We don't believe in putting numbers to anybody's singing, so please don't feel embarrassed! 

Oh hello! Are you the next contestant? We are running a karaoke contest right now, ma'am...oh, I am sorry to hear of your bad hair day! Well, it does look fine to me. What? You owe people a huge sum of money? That is indeed a complicated situation! So, are you going to sing us something or not? I am afraid we aren't a psychiatric hotline, and we have others in line as well. Wait, are you crying?! Jeez, does anybody have a tissue or something? Ah, how about we just show her the exit...

Hmm, what a poised, soothing sound...she can easily win over a big audience with that rendition. La la la la la...okay, I don't really know the lyrics but the melody is ringing in my head. I like that nice bow tie on her blouse matches the colour of her hair! Oh, has she finished? Ah, thank you so much! That was a splendid performance! Ah, I don't know about the prizes yet...I am not sure if there is any, but just sit back and relax for now!

Hello girls! Sure, a duet is fine! Just take another microphone from the girls ready? What a cute harmony this is! Nothing is better than enjoying karaoke with your friends! Hmm, they sound really lovely...there is something charming about the girl on the left, don't you think? Her eyes are so full of quiet enthusiasm! The other girl feels like the big sister next door. Ah, that was really wonderful! Thank you girls! 

Hi boys...hey, hey! No screaming over the microphones! HEY!!! Oh my gosh, these guys are unstoppable! They don't remotely sound like singing...though there is still something...okay, there is nothing at all. BOYS! Stop yelling! Gosh, is there any way to end their feud? Where is the remote control? Huh, what do you mean it is nowhere to be seen? Please, my ears are about to fall off! BOYS!!! 

Hi, sorry to disturb you and your chocolate pudding...would you like to take part in the karaoke contest? No answer. Okay, enjoy poking your chocolate pudding then! 

Yes, how can I help you, ma'am? You don't look so well though! Yeah, we are having a karaoke contest here...what? You want to complain about the blaring music? But ma'am, why would you even come to a karaoke box if you couldn't stand the slightest aggravation? Excuse me? You are inking comics at a karaoke box? Is there something wrong with you? Hey, can we see this crazy girl out? Don't look at me like that! Out.

I think I need a long breather. Meanwhile, enjoy the rest of the karaoke contest...

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪
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