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Introduce a doujin creator: Banpai Akira

I have been reading through the contributions on the main page when I have the time. And here is something interesting. While Nana has covered briefly what is doujin and a guide to comike, she has not really mentioned any doujin creator. For obvious reasons. Most of the doujinshi being sold are considered pornographic in any other country. I have already touched on how Japan's liberal attitude towards sex made even westerners squirm previously, and of course I cannot cover most of the stuff here. But there are vanilla doujins, family friendly titles that can be sold anywhere without raising eyebrows. And several of these creators are cult favourites with fans. One of these is Banpai Akira.   

Now banpai akira is not her real name. Its a actually a spin on Vampire. Indeed her works have a vampiric feel. Even her Twitter nick is @vampirekiller. She has certainly been involved in the doujin circuit for more than 5 years. But she became famous even in the west for the cult hit Castlevania doujin game, Koumajo Densetsu, and Its sequel, Koumajo Densetsu II.

There is probably no gamer alive who does not know Konami's Castlevania series, though it no longer resembles the 2d scroller titles it used to be. Frontier Aja brings the player back to the roots of what made Castlevania a hit. Their Touhou take on Symphony of the Night has Reimu taking on the role of Richter Belmont, with Sakuya playing Alucard. The feel and the music of this title has captured the essence of why Symphony of The Night is an unforgettable hit. And it offers way better graphics that the Playstation 2. Studio Aja, has, unfortunately, not been updating their homepage for many years. Many doujin circles die a natural death when their members get on with life, either more studies or coming out to work. 

Akira is still publishing with her circle, Yatsukame, regularly. She also is involved with other doujin groups for guest illustrations and contributed to Pixiv Girls Collection 2012. Unfortunately that is all she has revealed about herself. Nothing is else is know about her. Let us hope that she can continue to publish for a long long time. 

Written by Don

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