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All That Free! Music Memorial +

Unfortunately, all awesomeness must come to an end. Free! Eternal Summer has only three more episodes left to air, and I assure everybody that the withdrawal symptoms are already on standby. Even though I have a life, apparently it isn't quite adequate. These days, I'm looping a bit more of Free! Eternal Summer's various songs in addition to the previous season's. The drama CDs are just as awesome despite me having a challenging time trying to understand what the beep the characters were saying. Just wait, one of these days I shall break free (pun absolutely intended) and conquer the steep curves of the Japanese language.

Now, character songs are extremely pleasurable to listen to, more so if the voice actors have (potentially) good vocals. The Free! franchise has five character singles and four character duet singles in the first season. The current season will see new additions from Yamazaki Sousuke, Nitori Aiichirou and Mikoshiba Momotarou in terms of character singles. Theirs will be released in mid-October though. I can't wait! Meanwhile, I highly recommend Nagisa's latest character single. The coupling song 'Prism Showtime' rocks!

I feel that Style Five should become a more permanent fixture instead of just grouping for the anime. All five voice actors have great vocals and more importantly, they complement one another beautifully. Who could ever forget Splash Free, Ever Blue and Future Fish? Their collaborative efforts just keep getting better! I also like the visual presentations of Splash Free and Future Fish - the former has a desert and dance combination, while the latter shows the characters as different personae in various states of hilarity.

That said, my favourite pairing from the anime is Hazuki Nagisa and Ryuugazaki Rei. Sorry to sound shamelessly biased, but the chemistry between Nagisa and Rei is simply unbeatable. Even Haruka and Makoto, who have been friends since kindergarten, don't feel any closer than Nagisa and Rei. Well, I suppose with a personality like Nagisa's, it would actually be more difficult attempting to dismiss his actions and words since nothing more favourable would come out of it as he is really persistent. Despite so, I think that Nagisa makes a truly loyal friend to anybody he has decided to pester. In the case of Rei, Nagisa has also managed to bring out the best side of him in swimming. Oh, not forgetting that Nagisa is awfully adorable and erm...short, hence the nice contrast and compatibility with Rei. I've mentioned earlier about the character duet singles. Naturally, my most favourite is the one by Nagisa and Rei. Oh, please try to appreciate the mini drama track if anybody had the chance! Rei's debut at a karaoke box is nothing short of fun and hilarity.

The swimming clubs of Iwatobi and Samezuka are getting together for more fun and madness in the first drama CD for the second season. In English, the title means 'The Combined Activities' Diary of Iwatobi and Samezuka Swimming Club 1'. It will be released on September 17th - pretty soon! Looking at the track list, some of the activities seem really interesting. The eighth track simply kills me - "Stress? What's that? Is it delicious?" In addition, there is a couple of refreshing pairings that we don't usually get to see. Nagisa and Rin's day off - I'm really curious to know how they would spend it together!

Let me end off this post with a recurring line that appears at the end of each episode - See you next water time... :)

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪

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