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Catching Up: Kinokuniya, Breaking vows and NekoPara...

Finally! Crunch time has ended and the semester over. I have finally finished my FYP. I am no longer bound by responsibilities as a student anymore. 

Yay! I won't be looking like this anymore. My tired days are over.

I am free… for at least one month. Give and take. Ironic thing is that, I do not know how the final outcome of my film is. Yet… Editor seems to not want to meet anyone except for the Director so the rest gave her space. Guess I’ll only see it during presentation then.

Quite recently, I went walking around Orchard with my pals from secondary school. We used to go there occasionally, spending time as pretentious young adults “living the life” when we’re actually there just wasting time. Well, we often visit Takashimaya’s Kinokuniya there so it was kind of a nostalgic to go there again after a few years. Not much change there but there was an increase in the amount of manga titles. We browse through the aisle, pointing which we’ve read before or the anime adaptation that we might have seen, He brought up a manga about a “death girl” and I was totally stunned by it as I’ve never heard before. After 10 minutes, I realized he said “deaf girl” and it turns out to be Koe no Katachi, 

which is a brilliant read by the way. We spend around half and hour trying to search for it in the English and Japanese section but we gave up as we can’t differentiate from rows of Japanese titles. There were also new manga there as well like the recent few seasons that came out and I was surprised to see this seasons ones as well and thought isn't it kind of early for them. Some that were still only a few chapters were introduced early like Mushoku Tensei and Overlord. Maybe popularity was a factor involve. It was then when I stumbled upon a shelf of light novels. I was happy to see the whole series of Spice & Wolf novels there. 

I contemplated for a while on buying them. “Hmm… Chapter 1 to 16 of it. I would love to buy it. Let me check the price though. Around $24 for one. Hmm… Take that and multiply by 16… $384, give and take. Hmm…” I was then reminded of the reality of how my FYP left me with only a few dollars in the bank. I gave a silent goodbye as I turn to leave for the exit.

Cut to the next few weeks, I have around $200 with me. Well, I HAD $200 with me. There were some figurines that we calling out to me. Calling me to take them in. I had to make a decision. Acting as though I’m browsing other products for an hour has led me to a conclusion. A painful one at that. I had to break the vow and record on not buying any more figurines that was placed by my mother. I’m sorry for pushing you guys away for two years. I’m really sorry. But it’s okay. You’re no longer alone now. Your time of looking at people passing you by has come to an end. And so… I adopted this two. 

Phone camera FTW!

I have always wanted a Shinobu figure. Probably going to look for more. It was a tough choice to choose between an Angela Balzac nendroid, Mutsuki from Kantai Collection scale figure, Ononoki from Monogatari series scale figure, Iona figma or a Senbonzakura Miku nendroid but this two talked to me. Mutsuki did too but they were stronger… And also because I had no budget for other stuff. I’m sorry Mutsuki. I am an incompetent buyer. I’m sorry. Forgive me.

Another week later, I find myself making another tough decision in my life. Should I or should I not adopt the Nekos? Worse (or actually YES!), there were on sale. Actually it wasn’t even a decision. 

Yup, that's my username... moahmeng...
I bought it the instant I saw that Nekopara Vol. 2 was out. I had delayed buying Vol. 1 so I bought it at the same time. It was less than $15. What more to bargain for? I then came to understand why I put off buying it in the first place. I needed a Windows computer to play it. But where there’s a will, there’s a way. 

Best game~

Now I am enjoying the time of my life as I furiously pet my Nekos (Do not take that out of context). And hey, I get to play Touhou again. Yay! It’s a win-win.

But why do I feel like I’m forgetting something?

Mata ne~

Written by Zwei


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