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Vanitas Art Gallery

Do you like visiting the art gallery/museum? 

Art can be analysed in multifarious by fascinated sightseer; creativity encircling us notably in a time of age, we scour for in-depth values such as during the weekend, I found myself off to a journey to an art exhibition located at Kult Gallery. A common district yet, it was the first time I set foot to another section of the streets. Rows of houses, a hipster cafe that of which garnered my curious attention. 

By the aid of Vanitas postcards as a makeshift torchbearer for visitants to stalk the correct pathway. Grateful for the warm weather, the gallery was "hidden" before I logged into my hand-phone to determine the venue. Beyond the glass doors, I catch the glimpse several girls clad in black.

Hosted by a group of local artists they greeted me in chirpy voices just as Sarah Thursday whom I was lucky enough to encounter at the Singapore Toy Game and Comic Convention, mosey over to hand out a desired cooling drink. Vermilion and ebony-tone as the keynote; the ambience was soothing whilst music blared from a small screen television. 

On the last event for the day, I turned up early the gallery was void of guests apart from the creator, recuperated from my short break, it was time for me to sightsee the surrounding display. My straying eyeballs hesitated a moment to dote on the perfect settings without further ado, I was stationed at the front of the precise details; strewn crisp petals, with illustration pictures, were framed and hung onto the vibrant scarlet wall. 

The artist, Sanatoriium, kindly dropped by to clarify her amazing showpiece; she contributed snippets about the artwork as the pretty maker wisely enlightened individual beings had their own interpretation. Once again, I was left to my own device when she gently excused herself it gave me the opportunity to study the poetry printed on the behind the postcards. 

The goth vibe is to live for.

One by one, I mentally read the words but ceased to move when tears prickle behind my eyelids; scattered sentiment because "Letting Go" and "Crimson & Spider Lilies" affected me deeply. 

Letting Go

The petite exhibition room began to bristle with companies as well as a fluffy special guest; an adorable dog. Artists mingle with their adoring fans as the atmosphere became lively. I fluttered off to another booth prepared by a creator with the monicker mothhead; the style of art was beyond arresting at the same time each piece epitomize a strong message.

Mothhead with her creative artwork

Yelselogy diverged her artwork referring to the eternal struggle with famine, pestilence, war and death. The element for each and every one of her creation was captivating. The next illustration by Erikartoon was spellbinding; each frame displayed eccentric illustration and tattoo worthy. 

Erikartoon makes awesome illustration, trust me.

Peithedragon, an illustrator and a tattoo artist cause me to literally saliva, every single fine artpiece was enthralling; my fascination for fine art notched higher. The said creator was absent but it never stopped my brain from screeching mentally and if there was a possibility to have one of her fine art tattooed on my body. 

(Hotaru Tomoe)

I am hopelessly in love with "Jealousy" as the name for this illustration



In the fullness of time, the art exhibition was well put together with friendly artists in the hopes to spread more awareness for local arts. As a means of support and a show of appreciation, I make a purchase and felt better to witness the smiles on the faces of the talented individuals. 

Written by, Rugi Chan

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